Woman Involved in McKinney Pool Party Says She Was Fired From Her Job at CoreLogic, Hires Gloria Allred

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Tracey Carver is the woman pictured in one of the viral videos of a fight that led to the terrible reputation smear police in McKinney, Texas suffered last week as a result of an end of school pool party & barbecue for a bunch of teenagers. McKinney officer Eric Casebolt got a little excited, pulled his gun, was accused of discriminating against blacks, and he ultimately stepped down from his position.

But Casebolt wasn’t the only one to lose their job. Tracey carver works for CoreLogic — or shall we say, worked — and is now hiding in California because of threats to her life (she says). She’s hired high profile attorney Gloria Allred to represent her in what surely will be a closely watched case.

According to Carver, the fight she was trying to break up started when one of the people at the pool, who Carver said was over 18, attacked her friend with minimal provocation. As Carver tried to get away, she was hit in the back with a red ICEE, she said. After video of the incident became public, Carver became a target on social media. People identified her employer, CoreLogic Inc., and demanded that she be fired.

This is the same story I heard from Realtors who live in Craig Ranch and who’s children were at the Craig Ranch North pool.

On Tuesday, Carver held a news conference to defend her actions and tell the world she is not racist. Standing with her new lawyer, Gloria Allred,  and a friend of her husband’s who happens to be black,  Aaron Clark, Carver told the world that she was merely trying to bust up a fight between her friend and a person attending of an out-of-control pool party.  Someone caught her on video apparently punching a woman or girl in the head. Initially, according to Carver, and what I also was told, the teens who would later be handled by McKinney and Eric Casebolt were at a cookout near the pool, but outside of the pool fence. McKinney ranch residents are limited to the number of guests they are allowed to bring into the pool.

Interesting how the real estate stories continue to bubble up in this story. Tracey Carver works for CoreLogic, a research company that claims to “Powers the Global Real Estate Economy.” Which it does: we get many reports weekly from CoreLogic. CoreLogic’s stated mission is to empower clients with better decision making processes through data driven research. Gloria Allred is a high-profile celebrity lawyer who likes to help women who have been wronged, victimized or discriminated against. She’s great at navigating the press and pulling in large settlements. Her most famous work was on the O.J. Simpson trial.

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