Beyond Bumpershoots: What Are You Doing to Survive House Showing and Selling In the Rain?

fin heeelsUpdate, 10:47 p.m.: Virginia Cook agent Angela Downs says she wears these:


You know, I am beginning to wonder if we need to start changing the way we build our homes to accommodate all this friggin’ rain. We certainly need to change our shoes.

We have a big porch but our grill is in the open, so we had to cook with rain hats on yesterday. Note to self: next home, grill will be covered! I am grateful for my turf-covered doggie yard: next house, the entire YARD will be turf.

I was going to look at a house last week, then heard it was taken off the market because one room got some water in the house. If your home sits low, that can be a problem. We had a home (long gone!) that had a converted garage that did flood a couple of times. I packed towels all around the baseboards. But I never could get that dank smell out until July.

If you are buying, this is probably the best time ever to check out a home. This is unprecedented rainfall, but you will see how the home weathers water, lots of water. See where it flows -away from the house? Any moats in the back-yard?

I went up to tour Windsong Ranch on Friday, and man was it muddy. Looking at real estate just involves mud sometimes. So I have taken these steps:

-Slicker remains in the car — I mean my ages old pink oilcloth slicker from COLLEGE. That sucker has kept me dry in hurricanes.

-Keep a stack of dry towels in the car. Other day I went to Central Market with a towel covering my head, my rain coat and umbrellas were soaked.

-Rain boots always in car — not ruining a pair of Choos by getting them soaked.

-two umbrellas

Agents tell me they are using those blue construction booties (like the ones they have at DFW) at new properties — one builder told me the rain has ruined a brand new carpet in one of his model homes — a total loss.

Sellers, this is the time to keep a pile of old towels by the door to wipe feet. Don’t be afraid to ask people to take off their shoes: maybe keep a basket of slippers by the door?

How do you sell homes in this mess? Tips for sellers, buyers, agents?