Dallas Public Schools: Mike Miles Lives to Fight Another Day

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Photo: Dallas ISD
Photo: Dallas ISD

I’ll have more later after I’ve had time to go through my notes, but brief rundown of tonight’s called meeting of the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees, with the lone item on the agenda being a discussion of superintendent Mike Miles’ employment status was contentious, and that may even be an understatement.

The meeting lasted for more than five hours, and much of that was in executive session. It was clear as the board came back into open session that the three board members who demanded – and went to court – for the meeting to take place were not happy with the outcome. After two rounds of expressing displeasure and a statement from Mike Miles (again, more after I’m able to review notes), the board voted – 2-7 in favor of issuing a letter of concern to Mike Miles. A letter of concern, for the record, has less weight than a letter of reprimand, so needless to say it was several steps below what many feared or hoped would happen tonight. The two no votes were from Joyce Foreman and Elizabeth Jones.

But in a surprise move, Foreman then made a motion that was apparently not discussed in the executive session – a motion to require Miles resign in December. Jones amended it to ask for an independent review of the state of the district. There was much back and forth, but the swing votes – Eric Cowan and Dan Micciche – both said they wanted a responsible succession plan, and this was not it. Ultimately, the measure failed, 3-6, with Foreman, Bernadette Nutall and Jones voting for it.


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  1. mmCandy Evans says

    Bethany, thanks so much for being on this. What’s the beef of these two trustees? Why do they want Miles out? And has anybody ever asked them about the message this would give to any successors?

    • mmBethany Erickson says

      They had quite a bit to say at the meeting – and as soon as I can pull the story together, I’ll have it up. Other trustees also have some issues with the way things have been handled – Eric Cowan in particular, who has to answer to Rosemont parents, but I think the agreement is that before anyone asks Miles to resign, there needs to be a plan in place that makes sure that things run smoothly. I also think that plan may include sussing out exactly how hard it would be to replace Miles if they move on to yet a fifth super in 15 years.

      IMO, I would not be shocked if Miles is stolen away before they ever ask him to resign.

      • Nancy says

        I suspect you’re right about that, Bethany. I believe he’ll resign at 3 years, when he’s fully vested in DISD and move back to Colorado to be with his family. Rumors are swirling that he aspires for a political career. Congress? I don’t know.

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