You’re So Hip: It’s May 1, and Time for the Debut of HipPocket!

Hip Pocket

Update: This is a mobile app only open to licensed Realtors. Another tool to help Realtors communicate with lightening speed on their mobile devices, where let’s face it, we all live with each other. Download HipPocket on thebApple App Store today

You know about The Unlisted, and Facebook Friends, the private real estate social networks we have told you about here on… and will continue to tell you about. We think there is such a presence and need for off-market listings that essentially a whole second market is being created. Most of these properties are selling at the highest end of the market, where sellers are more concerned with knowing who is touring the property than getting the largest number of buyers through the door — what MLS has traditionally done. Because of low housing inventory, these sellers are not shortchanging their pricing, either. It’s a matter of speed: agents want to get the word out quickly, and guess what can do that? Technology!

Today a new site launches called HipPocket, the brain child of Dallas broker extraordinaire Clay Stapp and James Bohan-Pitt. How cool is this: the company was just featured in and scored as the hottest local startup. Fourteen startups strutted their stuff at The Dallas Entrepreneurial Center  to more than 100 people —  HipPocket & HedgeChatter snagged the titles of Hottest Startups in Dallas! Hip Pocket is so easy to use — when I played with it I had my home listed in about 30 seconds. Plus the software allows for commentary on the property, sharing, and instantaneous agent contact.

Dallas’s Hottest Startup – Best Pitch: HipPocket
HipPocket, the private social network for licensed Realtors launches May 1st in the App Store. That’s right, no more scouting the web, calling and texting everyone you know, standing in Starbucks just hoping someone wants to buy a house. With HipPocket, Realtors have the ability to view all pocket listings, list theirs, and orchestrate deals all within the app.


Dallas’s Hottest Startup – Readers Choice: HedgeChatter

More coming on this: James and Clay are headed to another conference Sunday to show off this baby, and we will be checking in with them for the latest updates. I love that all this innovation is coming right out of Dallas!



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  • Thanks Candy. It is important to note that HipPocket is a mobile app. It is free for all Realtors but only Realtors are allowed in. Use HipPocket to spread the word to other Realtors about Coming Soon, Pocket Listings and Buyer Needs (coming in a couple weeks). It is a tool to help Realtors better communicate with each other. Download on Apple App Store today.