Steve Brown Writes About a Story We Covered in Late January


Daylon Pereira is an agent with Allie Beth Allman

That’s OK, of course, because we know he saw it here first and we love Steve! We’re gonna party with him at NAREE in Miami.

Here’s our story on a private website for agents to share hip pockets called The Unlisted.  


Already up and running in Dallas, Pereira’s team plans to open in multiple major cities from Miami to Chicago, LA, Austin, Houston, New York City, San Francisco, anywhere where real estate inventory is tighter than an East Texas tick.

Steve’s take was a little different:

A new Internet listing service hopes to give agents an edge in ferreting out these homes.

“So many real estate transactions are happening off line – as many as 20 percent of the properties trading,” said Steven Riskey, who set up the new marketing website with the help of Daylon Pereira and Pepe Rodriquez. “We wanted a way you can spread word about a property very quickly and efficiently.”

The website is and it’s just open to licensed agents. About 300 have so far signed up to use the property listing database.

I would call it an internet-based referral service, but whatever. Good that he quotes Steven Riskey as saying 20 percent of home sales are happening outside of the MLS. If you’ve got  hip pocket, why in the heck have you not signed it up on The Unlisted?

Also Daylon Pereira is a real estate with Allie Beth Allman & Associates, nice little nugget of info there, and he said nothing about the hot Facebook Friends pages. Or the fact that we run an Unlisted Listing of the Week every week here on But that’s ok, we understand: we also used to work for a newspaper or two.