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Nearly eight years to the day that Candy Evans began, the online real estate publication that became the flagship news provider of the Candy’s Media brand, the organization announced promotions of two staff members.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to announce the promotions of two hard-working journalists in our organization: Bethany Erickson and Shelby Skrhak,” said Executive Editor Joanna England. “While we have grown so much over the past few years, we’re confident that these staffing changes hasten us toward our goal of becoming the primary source of real estate news for the region.”


DMag Best Realtor

Several agents have alerted me to the fact that D Magazine has “spanked” a couple of agents (ever so lightly) for sharing one of the company’s “Best Realtor” ballots over the Christmas holidays. In fact, for awhile, the “secret ballot” was one of the magazine site’s most highly trafficked pages as people pulled it up, logged in and started sharing … until the company figured out what was happening and put a stop to it.

I dialed up Chelsey Shockley, Editorial Marketing Manager at D, to ask her just what happened?

“Every year, we publish and post a homeowners ballot and send it exclusively to a list of new homeowners in the Dallas area, and it got shared on social media,” she says.

D selects and controls the new home buyers polled for Best Realtor. That is, buyers of homes that are both new and pre-owned, all who have purchased a home within the last year.

“The new homeowner ballot is intended to gather feedback from a balanced distribution of recent homebuyers across the region. For that reason, the circulation of this ballot is controlled by D Magazine staff,” said Chelsey. “By sharing this link on social media or to client lists, it sways the integrity of these results to unfairly favor specific realtors/mortgage professionals/insurance agents.”

The ballot is part of the process of how D determines the “Best Realtor” agents it publishes later in the year. In the past, the company had used a form-builder page called Wufoo, but this year they built the ballot in-house and it lived on the magazine’s site, where it was quickly picked up by sharp web-searching agents, who then shared it to Facebook, other social media and clients.

This is not a Facebook or popularity contest, says Shockley.

Did they admonish the agents who did the sharing? (more…)


As if the Lakewood, Dallas Facebook page wasn’t entertainment enough, enterprising Realtor Elena Dinaburg added some snarky fuel to the flames with an ad targeting folks who have promised to leave the country if Donald Trump makes it to the White House.

So far, Dinaburg says feedback on her flyer has been both positive and negative. “I would say 98 percent positive,” she said. “With all that is going on in the media, and Trump making headlines, I thought this would be a perfect marketing plan to get people to talk and associate me as their Realtor of choice if they decide to sell their house.”

While Dinaburg said that the ad was not designed to be political in any way, there have already been some pretty heated political comments on her post inside the Lakewood Facebook group.

“You’re the one making our prices skyrocket!” said Brenda Arnold, who went on to say that Texas has always been a “red state,” and that people moving here from out of state are driving up taxes. She even went so far to call Dinaburg a “smart ass.”

That’s pretty tame considering what happened to a West Texas Realtor who posted a similar ad on Facebook.

What do you think of this ad? Is it clever marketing, or is it potentially alienating would-be clients?

Superbowl Collage

Did you see the eye-catching 30-second spot from Ebby Halliday Realtors before Super Bowl 50 yesterday? We did, and we were so impressed with the message and execution from the North Texas brokerage that is growing like gangbusters, now the 10th largest residential real estate brokerage in the nation.

“Let’s face it, buying or selling a home can be scary,” said Ebby vice president and marketing director Randall Graham. “Our new campaign places the agent at the center and makes it abundantly clear that now, more than ever, when approaching one of life’s largest financial transactions it’s wise for buyers and sellers to choose a guide they can truly trust.”

Jump to get an exclusive online first look at the ad!

Leeds at the Cafe Charlot where we met

Leeds at the Cafe Charlot where we met

You’ve undoubtedly seen the often beret-wearing Adrian Leeds traipsing around Paris on HGTV’s House Hunters International. She helps sticker-shocked expats retool their Parisian dreams to focus on what’s important. After that, it’s time to get down to business.

If Leeds’ accent sounds pretty American, it’s because she’s New Orleans-born, living the Paris dream for 21 years and counting. Interestingly, she has Dallas family connections, too. Her résumé shows a marketing and PR pro with experiences ranging from corporate PR to television and print. Understanding communication and reading client needs are good tools for any real estate agent. But how’d she wind up in Paris and how’d she wind up as HGTV’s de facto representative for real estate in the City of Light? I met with Leeds on a recent trip to Paris to find out.


My God, have these people never heard of War of the Roses, that classic Michael Douglas/Kathleen Turner movie where the sparring couple lives in the same house because neither wants to give it up in their divorce? My fave scene was when Oliver Rose urinated on the fresh fish his ex Barbara was sauteing for her dinner guests, for the party he was not invited to… and when Barbara serves Oliver pate made from… his dog!


war of the roses

It IS hard to unite a household if you each own homes — what do you do? I once dated a guy who had been married briefly and had his own home with furnishings the ex had picked out. I made it very clear that if we were to get married, we’d be finding an “us” house toute suite and the furniture — HER furniture —  would be on the curb. Needless, that relationship did not survive. Thankfully, my husband and I came from apartments when we moved to Dallas from NYC, so we bought our first home together. (After living at The Hub!) And it would be damn hard to drag me out of my home now —  damn hard. I totally relate to Barbara Rose.

I’ve heard of a couple at a downtown Dallas high rise who divorced, then just got separate smaller units in the same building. Another couple split up a unit they had just spent half a million putting together when they married — both had sold off their previous homes. Another couple had to sell a third home in Utah, they bought a townhome in Dallas and kept the ranch. What if the marriage doesn’t work? What if you end up selling a perfectly wonderful home for a spouse? This ought to be a great show! (more…)

CultureMap will take over Hudson News kiosks in both Houston Airports. (Rendering: CultureMap/The Dallas Busines Journal)

CultureMap will take over Hudson News kiosks in both Houston Airports. (Rendering: CultureMap/The Dallas Business Journal)

It’s a stunning blow to print media, as the Dallas Business Journal has announced CultureMap’s takeover of Hudson News shops at both Bush Intercontinental and Houston Hobby airports.

CultureMap, a regional news brand founded in Houston, was recently purchased for $15 million by ViewMarket, a Dallas interactive media brand. The transaction has added a new wrinkle to the news and media landscape in both Dallas and Houston, so expect to see more video and visual. But this is, by far, the most interesting development.

As fewer and fewer people are reading magazines and newspapers while they travel, news stands have become almost obsolete. This takeover will transform these pop-up kiosks to concierge services, where hungry travelers can grab a bottle of Fiji and a snack and find out the best places to have dinner, the best sights to see, and what bands might be in town upon their arrival.

To me, I think it’s a brilliant idea, and a fantastic advertising opportunity for hotels and convention-related businesses, as well as for Realtors who serve the jet-set. Before, these businesses would have to buy pricey ads in city guides produced by newspapers and regional magazines. This offers convenience and cost effectiveness.



Daylon Pereira is an agent with Allie Beth Allman

That’s OK, of course, because we know he saw it here first and we love Steve! We’re gonna party with him at NAREE in Miami.

Here’s our story on a private website for agents to share hip pockets called The Unlisted.   (more…)