In Love With Hollywood Heights, The Blythe Family Found a Fabulous New Build


The Blythe family in their open and bright new build at 6919 Santa Fe.

When the Blythe family moved to the Hollywood Santa Monica neighborhood years ago, they fell in love with the style and charm of the Tudors and traditionals in the area. But with a family, it made things quite difficult to enjoy their 1930s home on Monte Vista with a cramped floorplan. Then they found this beautiful new build (RARE!) on Santa Fe. It’s so uncommon to find a new home, because the only way you could tear down a structure in this historic conservation district is if it’s damaged beyond reasonable repair. So most new homes are on previously vacant lots or are constructed at the site of some catastrophe.

When new builds blend in with the neighborhood, though, everyone wins. I love the subtle architectural details, like the high pitch of the roof and the masonry of the chimney. Even the stone arches in front and faceted leaded glass windows keep the home true to the neighborhood’s character. Inside, though, homeowner Kalee Blythe says it really shines!

If you want to see inside this home and the other gorgeous abodes on this weekend’s Hollywood Santa Monica Neighborhood Association Home Tour, you can buy your ticket ahead of the event and save a few bucks. They’re just $15 apiece before the tour! The auction party, another big fundraiser for the neighborhood, is tonight, as is the candlelight home tour and preview party.

Jump to see the Blythe’s beautiful new build at 6919 Santa Fe sponsored by Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty agent Belle Trankle.

Would you believe that this home at 6919 Santa Fe in the Hollywood Santa Monica Historic Conservation District is actually a new build? It fits right in!

Would you believe that this home at 6919 Santa Fe in the Hollywood Santa Monica Historic Conservation District is actually a new build? It fits right in! (Photo: Kim Leeson) What are your favorite design elements in your home and why?

Kalee Blythe: The fact that the home is brand new, but blends into the neighborhood on the outside is what first attracted us to the house. My favorite features are the upstairs balcony, which overlooks the country club, and the open kitchen area. I love to cook!

CD: Which rooms do you and your family love the most?

KB: The kitchen and the study are our favorites. I love the kitchen because of the HUGE pantry and the ease of cooking in it. The study is cozy, with a fireplace and beautiful cut glass windows that make you feel like you have gone back in time.

Photo: Kim Leeson

Photo: Kim Leeson

CD: What are you doing to prepare for the Hollywood Santa Monica Home Tour?

KB: What aren’t we doing? The house is brand new, so the majority of the work we are doing is related to decorating and furnishing. Of course sprucing up the beds, and adding some spring color help. It has been a great push for us to get our home just like we want it, only 2 months after moving in.

Photo: Kim Leeson

Photo: Kim Leeson

CD: What feature, furnishing, or artwork should home tour goers pay special attention to?

KB: There is a painting in our study by Pat Kochan of the Comerica Building downtown. We bought it at home tour auction 3 years ago, and it remains one of our favorite pieces.

CD: What does it mean for you to have your home featured on this long-running tour, benefiting the entire Hollywood Santa Monica Historic Conservation District?

KB: We love Hollywood Santa Monica. When we decided we needed more space (we used to live on Monte Vista in a 1930 home) we knew we just couldn’t leave the area. The neighborhood is the perfect blend of city living and small town feel that we are excited to raise our daughter in. In light of our love for the area, being able to contribute to the tour is very exciting! It’s going to be a great tour this year!

Photo: Kim Leeson

Photo: Kim Leeson