Plan Commission Approves Preston Center Skybridge

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Here you can see what the proposed skybridge looks like at Preston Center Pavilion.
Here you can see what the proposed skybridge looks like at Preston Center Pavilion.

As it turns out, the Dallas City Plan Commissioners were just as impressed with the proposed Preston Center Pavilion skybridge as we were. It’s a fantastic way to add more patio space, as well as a safe way for pedestrians to cross a busy intersection without having to dodge traffic.

Remember, we got an exclusive detailed look at the proposed skybridge and remodeled parking garage last month. Check out the renderings and read more about this project from Crow Holdings after the jump:

01.14.15-Preston Center Pavilion(email)_Part4-1
Here is the escalator up to the skybridge from the first floor of Preston Center Pavilion.
01.14.15-Preston Center Pavilion(email)_Part2-1
The cart ramp is to the left of the elevator, and the stairs up to the sky bridge is on the right.
01 14 15-Preston Center Pavilion(email)_Part3-1
Here are the stairs to the sky bridge from the second floor of the parking garage.

Here’s what Candy told us about the planned skybridge and how it relates to the existing building and the parking garage:

… The skybridge will be wide enough for people, strollers, even a few cafe tables and chairs for folks who might want to grab a quick lunch at this (as yet nameless) grocer. It’s a very interesting and attractive bridge. There will be a rampway down to the parking for carts because the skybridge will be slightly highers than the second floor parking lot level. Crow Holdings says there will be no basket corrals in the lot, and no parking spaces will be lost. Carts may be corralled on the skybridge.

This sounds like a great plan, but it still needs to get the approval of the full council. And of course, not everyone is thrilled about the proposed skybridge. However, this may be the first step toward redeveloping the southwest corner of Preston Road and Northwest Highway, a project that needs attention. Baby steps, but it’s progress!

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  1. KP says

    Wow, a damn bridge. It’s sad that this passes as development in Dallas/Preston Hollow, and represents a mediocre “improvement” for the poorest excuse of a retail center I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. People here should demand more, but then again, their efforts may be foiled by former city officials who live on the north side of NW Hwy and who know, in their infinite wisdom, what’s best for us. Ugh.

  2. citycity says

    actually i attended the city hearing. well presented by the applicant for the skybridge, some mud slinging by those opposing, but a great focus by the city’s planner in his presentation and responses to open question session.

    i believe it was a close vote but the city council will have the final vote. oh and by the way, the property owner did give up some ‘rights’ to not stand in the way of future development of the city garage. nice touch

  3. Claire dewar says

    Grocery or not, I think a bridge makes sense. That street is treacherous for pedestrians and drivers already

    • mmJoanna England says

      I totally agree, Claire! A friend of mine was almost hit crossing this street in the crosswalk. Drivers just do not pay attention at this intersection.

  4. Steve Collins says

    Your article’s last paragraph references “redeveloping the northwest corner of Preston Road and Northwest Highway.” This proposed bridge would be in the southwest quadrant of that intersection. Or did you really mean the NW corner? Because that is Ebby Halliday’s “little white house,” and to the west of that is Mark Cuban’s land assemblage, for which there is no “project” as yet.

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