Friday Four Hundred: Cute Traditional Inside Stonewall Jackson Area

6055 Anita Front

With its growing popularity, the neighborhood surrounding Stonewall Jackson Elementary School has positioned itself as the next Lakewood or Hollywood Heights. There are so many adorable homes here that are attracting all manner of young, hip families. And the school is a nationally recognized one, to boot!

Officially dubbed the W.E. Killam (or Killion, depending on where you look) addition, this neighborhood abuts the elementary campus and is just south of Mockingbird Lane. And in that tiny area you’ll find 6055 Anita Street, a tidy little 1949 traditional home with a cheerful front yard.

6055 Anita Living

6055 Anita Dining

Inside you’ll appreciate the updates that have opened up the layout of this three-bedroom, two-bath home. With just over 1,800 square feet, this cute house has room for a young, active family, and tons of cozy features (gas fireplace!) that make it great for entertaining small groups. It’s close to mass transit (Mockingbird Station), shopping, and fantastic restaurants on Greenville Avenue. You get the added bonus of being a stone’s throw from the Park Cities, too. It’s listed by Joe Iley of Mission Real Estate Group for $436,900.

6055 Anita Kitchen

6055 Anita Breakfast

Original hardwood and travertine floors really give this home some style, and the kitchen is bright and has a lovely pass-through to the dining area. Recessed lighting, stainless steel appliances, and an eat-in breakfast room overlooking the deck and backyard really help sell this space. I love the traditional cabinetry, which really helps bring the stainless steel appliances and modern decor together.

6055 Anita Master

6055 Anita Master Bath

The master bedroom is large for a home this size at 12 x 15, and the master bath is conversely small. Just a shower stall and a pedestal sink, but in homes from this era you’ll be hard-pressed to find two bathrooms at all. Still, I definitely appreciate the additional bathroom!

The backyard is a wonderful spot, with a fantastic deck and open lawn. You’ll also appreciate the storage offered by the detached two-car garage in the backyard — an excellent value.

6055 Anita Deck

6055 Anita Backyard


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  • As a newish resident in Caruth Terrace (just across Mockingbird from this house), I can attest this is a GREAT location. We moved from UP, and while the Park Cities remain just as convenient, great swaths of Lakewood and East Dallas opened to us by jumping over Central Expy. Cute house, by the way.

  • John Crosby “flipped” this house-I would never in a million years buy one of his disasters. He did 5 on my street and they are not holding up well and they all look the same (just like this one). He does cheap work (plumbing and electrical also), zero craftsmanship, just a band aid to sell them quick. If he comes to your neighborhood run him off!

    • mm

      Hi Kim! Can you tell us what street you’re referring to?

      • Joanna-
        The homes I am talking about are in the 6200/6300 block of Saratoga Circle. My husband and I have lived in Caruth Terrace over 20 years. We moved here in our early 20’s when no one else wanted to even touch this neighborhood. All three of my kids attended Stonewall Jackson. Not to be a “downer” but I would recognize Crosby’s work in a second. He made the rounds in this area about 9 years ago. Buying from little old ladies before their homes even went on the market. He always paints his homes grey or cream ( I know this is not unusual for flippers), exterior shutters black, front door black or maroon, brass fixtures out front, uses the stucco/mud treatment on the walls so he doesn’t have to fix cracks by replacing drywall. Porous 4×4 tile in kitchen with wood edging. He also has a habit of using weird travertine tile in the shower area that does not go up to the ceiling. He also never replaced the old original windows but painted them white. I have no clue who Scott and Amie are but I know they did not flip this house first. If they fixed what he did-great. I wish they would head over here. Crosby tends to cover electrical outlets or forgets to wire them properly. I know a plumber who worked for him at the time and calls him a “slum lord”. This guy apparently lives in highland park and has a landscaping business.

        My husband and I have painstakingly remodeled our lovely 1957 ranch which we bought in original condition. We have been invested in this neighborhood for a long time. I just hate to see guys like this swoop in to make a quick buck without any consideration for the neighborhood. On a bright note-we have also had some true craftsmen come in and restore some homes beautifully. One of my friends who is a long time Dallas realtor lives in one of these and it is fabulous.

        • You can also tell those are not quality cabinets from the pics. The weird plaster mantel is also one of his trademarks. I know 4 of the owners of his homes so I have seen this all before. I just hope he has left Lakewood for good ( now that he has helped drive up our taxes ).

        • You can also tell those are not quality cabinets from the pics. The weird plaster mantel is also one of his trademarks. I know 4 of the owners of his homes so I have seen this all before. I just hope he has left Lakewood for good ( now that he has helped drive up our taxes ).

        • mm

          Kim, I saw a home on Saratoga last year, I think we blogged it. Weird use of tile squares. Like the remodeler put carpet UNDER the kitchen table, where all the food goes, not around it, that was tile. Let me see if I can find this address. Hey we might want to see your house!

        • First off, thank you Candace for the great post! We were so happy to see our home posted on Candy’s blog!
          & now, I need to defend it after it has been unfairly tagged with this speculative info.
          I’m not familiar with this man, or him ever having owned this home/had access to it. So while I can certainly understand having a bone to pick with this guy if I were you Kim, this just doesn’t apply here.
          A while back we had the house painted to freshen it up and WE chose the gray paint color.
          The other attributes you mention are VERY popular/common features – gray paint, travertine, textured walls, white window trim, brass? You simply can’t associate just ONE single person’s taste or work with those items, individually or collectively! Much more importantly, we haven’t had any problems with the electric/plumbing while living here.
          Bottom line is this: it’s a quality older home that has been well taken care of and has been given aesthetic face lifts from time to time over the years (just like any other home).
          We have truly loved it and would stay if it weren’t for our need for more room because of our expanding family 🙂

    • Not sure who this John person is, as we are the sellers of this house. Anyone with questions should ask me and ignore that comment. House was bought in 2009 and has been happily lived in by us since.

    • Kim-

      Scott and Amie of Flipping Vegas would be disappointed to discover that someone would dare to threaten the
      impeccable quality and design standards that they use as Scott drives his crews to finish all the work for his open house in ten days.

  • Awwww-I suppose ignorance is bliss! Good luck!

  • Three tremendous benefits for those who live in the Stonewall Jackson attendance area are:

    a ) kids’ ability to participate in one of the very best elementary school epicurian vegetable gardens, designed in part by the master of vegetable gardening, Tom Spicer of 1410 Farm to Market, where many of the top chefs in Dallas source their produce.

    b ) a proximity to Hillside Village Veterinary Clinic, winner of the D Magazine best veterinary clinic award. We have used their top vet for years and willingly tolerate her choice to be available only on Mondays and Fridays. The clinic recently added a 24X7 emergency service which for clients charges only regular prices for night and weekend ER services.

    c ) the spinach salads at Zu Zu’s on Abrams & Mockingbird are outstanding. Andy, the owner is a world class soccer coach and he trains many trainers. He was with the national soccer federation for a while.

    • His name was Chuck and he also was the owner of the house (or his mother had been). I used to talk to him about the work he was doing on it when he was walking his dog. If I remember correctly he was a GC by profession. I have never been on the inside. I also have no idea who lives there now. They must not come out much, we have a very social street and know most of our neighbors.

      We live on the “bad” (lol!) side of Saratoga but the dart doesn’t bother us at all. When we bought our house it was a real train running back there so the dart is much quieter.