Breaking: Is a Group Drug Rehab Facility Going Up Right in the Middle of Preston Hollow?

6034-6108 Walnut Hill Lane

For a couple weeks now I have been hearing rumors that a drug and rehab home or facility was going to be built in the heart of Preston Hollow, right at the corner of Walnut Hill and Preston Road.

Four 50’s era houses have just been torn down on the south side of Walnut Hill Lane, almost directly across from Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church, directly across from a cul-de sac of newer homes on Walnut Hill Circle. The homes were all valued from $199K to $220K. According to Dallas County Appraisal District, the four homes are owned by Romeo and Gayla Guerra of Plano: 6034, 6048, 6108, and 6118 Walnut Hill Lane.

I phoned them this morning at their business in Plano. The call was carefully screened. I was given Mr. Guerra’s assistant. I asked her what was going on with those lots. Might they be for sale?

“He is not sure what he is going to do with those lots,” she began. ” He was thinking of maybe helping out society and making homes for abused children or a property for people needing help with drugs and alcohol.”

I asked if he would just consider selling one of the lots.

“He will sell them all together for $2.5 million,” she said.

When I asked her if it was even possible for someone to build a facility or facilities like that within the current residential zoning, she no longer wanted to talk.

I have placed a call to Jennifer Gates, who I’m sure at this moment is about to pull her hair out. At the meeting yesterday about Luke Crosland’s 29-story luxury apartment complex planned on .5 acres on Westchester in Preston Center, Jennifer told one homeowner that nothing has been filed yet on those Walnut Hill properties, BUT, by law you ARE allowed to have a group home consisting of up to 8 people on one tract of land without approval. If you tried to combine tracts of land you would need additional approval. I reported on group rehab homes in the Meadows area several years ago — dusting off those notes. But I BELIEVE that yes, you are perfectly able to have a private drug rehabilitation home absolutely anywhere you want, even in the heart of Preston Hollow.

In zoning cases, residents within 200 feet of any proposed zoning change must be notified.

Stay tuned. Photos forthcoming.


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