Inwood Mortgage Home of the Week: Bueno Living on Bueno Vista That Won't Break the Bank

Inwood HOTW 4206 Buena Vista

I had lunch yesterday with a prominent Dallas commercial real estate executive who knows this town like the back of her hand. What is the future of Dallas residential, I asked? Oh, things will get more expensive, she said, utilities, land costs, fuel. People will have to live in smaller homes. I asked why restaurants downtown were not able to keep their doors open, what with all the new high rise living nearby. There are not enough people living in those high rises to sustain the business, she said: you cannot depend on the homeowners for every meal. Then I asked what part of town she thought was really, like really going to take off.

Her answer: Knox-Henderson.

It’s walkable, it has restaurants and soon, a Trader Joes, shops, ambiance, zip, and you can cross the street without feeling like a mac truck going 80 mph is going to mow you down.

4206-buena-vista-dallas-tx-Living RoomSo I present 4206 Bueno Vista. Unit C, for Candy. A little down the street, yes, but that will make for a nice, brisk walk to dinner. This is the kind of multi-fam living Dallas eats up like I do the French fries at Toulouse. 2550 square feet gets you three bedrooms, three baths and one half, a huge kitchen/living/dining space, a master like a Highland Park residence, and a lower level bedroom/bath for guests. Or your kid coming home from college. You don’t want to know what he’s up to, really.

4206-buena-vista-dallas-tx-kitchenThe best thing is there is a garage — despite all, and yes I support looking at the teardown of I-345, Dallas is a car city and we love our autos. We also love our autonomy and this home gets you into a multi-fam setting without feeling multi-fam. And don’t you love the coolio styling by Lisa Stapp — sleek, serene and fun. 4206-buena-vista-dallas-LR 2

Then there is also an expansive patio with fab views of the downtown/uptown skyline. The best thing about this is’s like having a whole, huge extra room for entertaining that you don’t heat, cool, or pay taxes on.

This pup will set you back $599,900. That’s less than $600,000. Call Inwood Mortgage right now and say, “charge it. I want the miles.”4206-buena-vista-dallas-tx-kitchen 2 4206-buena-vista-dallas-tx-kitchen 3 4206-buena-vista-dallas-tx-breakfast 4206-buena-vista-dallas-tx-master bedroom 4206-buena-vista-dallas-tx-master bath 4206-buena-vista-dallas-tx-study 4206-buena-vista-dallas-tx-guest bed

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