Monday Morning Millionaire: Ice is Not so Nice, Here's to Seeing Bluebonnets Pretty Darn Soon…

8511_BlueBonnet_HickmanWeberGroup-35(1)Update 7:12p.m: More photos just in. This one is hot off the press, folks!

I have decided that we have had our last ice storm of the season. That’s it. Over and done with.

On Saturday, I clipped my poor daffodils and hyacinths for a meager bouquet to keep me feeling spring-y through the arctic cold. Those poor flowers are so confused!

Bluebonnets are on my brain, and I cannot wait to head to the Hill Country and enjoy them busting out this spring. So when I heard that this Bluffview beauty at 8511 Bluebonnet was hitting MLS SOON, I had to take a look/see. A beautiful, WARM, traditional home!

8511_BlueBonnet_HickmanWeberGroup-1(1)8711 Bluebonnet ext pool rearThis home so reminds me of our old home on Park Lane at 5511, R.I.P. According to DCAD, she was also built in 1939 but has been extensively updated and remodelled, totally retaining the New England charm.

I mean, our weather is like New England, why not have a New England-style house?

You get a little more than on-half acre (.6), and a whopping 6,800 square feet with six bedrooms, including a downstairs master, six full baths, two half baths, a study with bar, three fancy living areas, a three car garage, full quarters and a porch deck with pool. Asking is $1,375,000, will be listed any minute now with John Weber of Dave Perry-Miller.

I mean, this house just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when my house is still freakin’ cold. And then, can you imagine the possibilities of planting bluebonnets on Bluebonnet?8511_BlueBonnet_HickmanWeberGroup-4(1)8511_BlueBonnet_HickmanWeberGroup-3(1)

8511_BlueBonnet_HickmanWeberGroup-29(1)8711 Bluebonnet kitchen2 8711 Bluebonnet kitchen 8511-blue-bonnet-rd-dallas-tx-High-Res-15.jpg family room 2 8511 Bluebonnet master 8511 Bluebonnet family

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