Luxury Apartments Behind the Pink Wall: PHE Homeowner’s Association Says Too Much Traffic, Rentals, NO WAY!


The homeowners who live in the single family neighborhood just to the north of The Pink Wall — that is, the small cluster of multi-family living at the north east corner of Northwest Highway and Preston Road — is the Preston Hollow East Homeowner’s Association. PHEHA consists of all single family homes located within the street boundaries from the North Dallas Tollway to Hillcrest, Joyce Way to Del Norte. Trivia: this includes 6029 Northwood, which was once the home of former President George and Laura Bush. The association has drafted a petition on that already has 282 signatures and growing plus numerous comments.

Their message is pretty obvious: they are petitioning City Councilman Lee Kleinman and Jennifer Staubach Gates to vote AGAINST rezoning the south west tip of the Pink Wall to accommodate an 8-story (on one end) tall, $80 to $100 million proposed apartment complex. From reading most of the comments, it seems clear that the biggest beef is the potential increase in traffic at the Northwest Highway/Preston Road intersection:

It bring too much additional traffic into our neighborhood where people walk, ride and run with children and animals. The intersection at Preston and NW Highway is already a traffic nightmare. These are rental properties which we already have too many of in that area. No ownership means they won’t ‘own’ the neighborhood and care for it either. AND, the building is too high and invades the privacy of the surrounding homes. Bad precedent, period.

Here is the petition, and here is what it says:

Currently, there is a 24 unit apartment complex on the corner and 12 town homes behind them.  The area would be torn down and 300 units would be developed.

The current zoning (MF-1) allows for three stories. The developers will submit a re-zoning application for a planned development that will include an 8 story high-rise.

If this development was approved, our neighborhood landscape would change drastically.  We want to keep that neighborhood feel.

This development would cause:

-Increased Traffic at an already crowded intersection

-Increased Density (up to 550 additional residents in that 3 acre area)

-Loss of neighborhood feel

-An 8 story High-Rise looking into our yards and homes

-Decreased in Ownership vs Increase rental Properties

-Effect on city service