Perfect Home For a Prepper? Vicki White Says Price Reduction For 'Green Roof House' Makes This Dallas Landmark a Steal

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2001 N. Buckner Front

Everyone in East Dallas knows about the “Underground House.” But maybe it’s time to re-brand this White Rock Lake-area landmark? That’s what Keller Williams Elite agent Vicki White thinks. Now priced at $870,000 (down from $1 million), this Frank L. Moreland-designed earth-sheltered home at 2001 (as in 2001: A Space Odyssey) N. Buckner is an absolute steal!

This home is a fantastic “green” home, and thanks to the before-its-time design and solar panel array on the roof, it only costs an average of $200 a month to power this 23-year-old, 4,561-square-foot home. Not only that, it would cost almost twice its listing price to build a home of this caliber today.

2001 N. Buckner Living

So, what’s turning people off?

“Several people have been tempted, however at the original price buyers did not want to take on updating the bathrooms. The bedrooms are small, but almost none of the interior walls are load bearing so the house could be easily reconfigured,” Vicki said. “It is built sort of like a circus tent, load bearing around the perimeter of the house and two center concrete supports.  The living room is almost 2,000 square feet, so many possibilities.”

If this wasn’t out of my price range, I would totally jump at the chance to buy this home. It just makes financial sense, as Vicki explained: “With this reduction, a buyer could spend $100,000 in updates and still not be at our original price. I really feel this would have sold if it had updated baths and perhaps some reconfiguration of  bedrooms.  Kitchen has already been done and is lovely.”

2001 N. Buckner Kitchen

Vicki is right — there is so much potential in this home. I really, really love it, especially the almost 2 acre lot. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a sort of earthship thing going on here? Add on a cool greenhouse, maybe a water collection system, a chicken coop, and see how close you can get to self-sufficiency right in the heart of East Dallas!

2001 N. Buckner Roof

“This house is great for someone wanting ultimate privacy and seclusion, or a ‘prepper’ that feels there could be a time he needs to hunker down in a safe place, or a totally ‘green’ type person that would never use a plastic grocery sack, or someone paranoid of tornados, etc.,” Vicki said. “It is so very peaceful on the side of the house that is open and looks out at heavy wooded area, the banks of a creek.”

I’m sure this fantastic landmark will find the perfect buyer soon!

2001 Buckner


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