Thursday Three Hundred: To Cluck, or Not to Cluck — This Cute Hollywood Heights Home Has Everything You Want AND a Chicken Coop

6934 San Mateo Front

I can understand the limited appeal of chickens for some people. Most think they belong on farms, or on their dinner plates. Not many people think of chickens as backyard pets. Well, except for me. I have three of them and I honestly can’t imagine not having a coop in my backyard. Which is why I was so excited to get this listing from stager Karen Eubank.

6934 San Mateo Porch 6934 San Mateo Living

“I love walking into homes like this, such character and a seller with great taste,” Karen tells us of 6934 San Mateo, on MLS for $325,000. “It just needed a few pieces of large furniture removed, some rearranging,  a few pieces of art moved and two mirrors repositioned and I knew it would be a very hot property.”

6934 San Mateo Dining

It’s represented by Britt Lopez, who has had some fabulous Hollywood Heights listings that we’ve easily fallen for. This one is so gorgeous, too, but when Karen sent me the listing she told me there was a really cute chicken coop on the property. Color me puzzled when I didn’t see it in the listing photos from Shoot2Sell. Honestly, I want to know if there’s a cute coop on the property, that way I can be prepared to negotiate that sucker into the contract, because, c’mon! CHICKEN COOPS ARE AWESOME!

Karen reminded me that not everyone feels that way. OK, true, not everyone loves having a few yardbirds in the backyard, or having fresh eggs in their omelets. Pity for them. Me? I wanted to see this coop! Britt, brilliant woman that she is, obliged and sent me a few photos of this lovely poultry palace.

San Mateo Chicken Coop 002 San Mateo Chicken Coop 003

“The backyard is a super party yard and of course everyone today wants their own fresh eggs so you can have a readymade and CUTE chicken coop,” Karen said. “I knew this place was going to blow off the market once the photos hit MLS.”

My birds and I would love this coop. And apparently, a chicken coop isn’t such a huge turnoff, because Karen sent me this listing less than a week ago and this adorable 1931 Tudor with more than 1,600 square feet is already under contract. Seriously, it’s a win for chicken people everywhere. And Karen says that the proof is in the pudding that staging works — just a few days on market and this home received several offers above asking.

6934 San Mateo Kitchen

There are some details that won’t wash for everyone, including the tile and sink in the second bathroom, as well as the funky backsplash and island in the kitchen. This two-bedroom, two-bath home has a hidden bonus that everyone will love, though — a Murphy bed in the sunroom! Karen says that the seller installed that, and it was a huge hit with buyers who toured this cool place.

6934 San Mateo Murphy Bed Up 6934 San Mateo Murphy Bed

“It’s a perfect example of that Hollywood Heights eclectic, cool vibe. People move into this neighborhood for exactly what this home offers,” Karen said. “It’s not cookie cutter, it has the great built ins and arches, cool tile work and of course the Murphy bed and the chicken coop!”

6934 San Mateo 6934 San Mateo Master Bath 6934 San Mateo Bedroom 6934 San Mateo Second Bath 6934 San Mateo Backyard 6934 San Mateo Patio

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