Neimans Makes Statement About Fraudulent Use of (Some) Customer's Credit Cards

flagship-neiman-marcus-store-downtown21-720289Neiman Marcus came out with the first official statement I have seen regarding their credit card fraud hacking dilemma that occurred last month, not on as large scale as the one that hit 110 million Target shoppers, but still caused plenty of problems. Reportedly that malicious software was created by a Russian teenager. Last week, I had lunch with a Dallas Realtor who had his debit card hacked through the Neiman’s security breach. I am watching my statement, of course, and am one of those old-fashioned types who doesn’t have a debit card. Anyhow, looks like Neiman’s is doing what other merchants in similar straits are doing: offering a free year of credit monitoring services. I have one ready to go from Adobe. Looks to me like the credit monitoring services are making out like bandits, thanks to the bandits. Anyone out there having “fun” with this?Neimans Security Letter