Decorating For The Holidays: Jason Lenox of Anteks Gives Trees and Mantles Rustic Vibe

Anteks Christmas Resized


You know Anteks for its cowboy cool decor, but when it comes to Christmas, Jason Lenox knows how to pour on the glitz. Of course, this store, known for its Western vibe and collection of sophisticated rustic accessories and furniture, would not skimp on antlers.

Check out the tippy top of this tree, where you’ll find shiny red racks instead of a typical angel or star. We’d expect nothing less from Lenox. I’m surprised that there aren’t any turquoise baubles hanging from the boughs of this huge Christmas tree, though. There are several silver cups and chalices tangled in this tannenbaum, though, which you can find among the shelves at the Anteks showroom in the Dallas Design District. And is that a Pendleton blanket I spy doubling as a tree skirt? Genius! I have three words to describe this set-up:


Check out what else Lenox has in store today at Anteks!


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