Love & Real Estate: Toni Brinker Heads Back to Alva Court! Why T. Boone Pickens Took His Home Off The Market

ToniBrinkerandTBoonePickensAbout two months ago, T. Boone Pickens took his stunning Old Preston Hollow $7 million dollar mansion off the market. You can link to my original story here, or if you are lazy (like me) I will re-post it for you. Anyhoo, seems Mr. P. was in love!  Over the weekend Alan Peppard reported that T. Boone, who recently divorced, has become engaged to Toni Brinker. Here’s what Alan said:

In matters of business, T. Boone Pickens, 85, is often ahead of his time. In romance, he is an old-school kind of guy—a marrying man. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Pickens and his girlfriend, Toni Brinker, gathered the bulk of their extended families at Boone’s Mesa Vista Ranch. On Saturday, they announced their engagement.

The couple plan to wed sometime early in 2014.

Toni is the widow of Dallas restaurant entrepreneur Norman Brinker, founder of Steak & Ale who had been, at various times, head of Jack in the Box, Burger King, Chili’s, Bennigan’s, as well as the venerable Brink’s coffee shop in Lakewood.

Last year, Boone was divorced from Madeleine Pickens following a seven-year marriage.

Back in September, Forbes dropped Pickens from its list of billionaires. So, once they are wed, Boone and Toni will try and make ends meet with her personal fortune and his estimated net worth of $950 million.

9434-Alva-Ct-exteriorT. Boone may be 85, but I think he’s still hot. Now we will wait to see what Toni does to Alva Court. Will she change all of Madeleine’s decor? I was very touched by the dogs who were buried in the backyard, their memories marked by a stone.9434-Alva-ct-cabana.png pets

Toni must love the neighborhood as much as she loves her man: when she was married to Norman Brinker, Toni lived less than a block away at 9410 Alva Court at Deloache. Welcome back to the neighborhood!

Update 1/22/14: Actually, while Norman lived at 9410 Alva, I have learned Toni never did — Norman lived in this home with Nancy Brinker. 

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