Happy Labor Day: I Hope You Are Somewhere on the Water, Having a Blast, at Long Cove, Cedar Creek Lake

Long Cove water view of LCIf you are here in Dallas, you should be out about one and a half hours east of here, on the very best water in North Texas on the southern edge of Cedar Creek Lake. Cedar Creek is the fourth largest lake in Texas, and now you can find an upscale, wonderfully planned and beautifully executed beach club community that will soon put a shame to Watercolor and Seaside.  It’s called Long Cove, and it’s selling vacation lake homes for less than $700,000 (and upwards) with full concierge service. Get on out here and play — your boat will be ready for you. Then, when it’s time to leave paradise, just leave it for the concierge to cover. While you’re at it, want dinner ready? A fridge stocked with milk and wine? At Long Cove, they’ve got you covered from the stunning beach house style interiors to the crystal clear lake water… check it all out on SecondShelters.com!Long Cove lake view LongCove Pool 7170 (2)

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