Outside the Frame Redux: Professional Photographers Offer Expert Advice When it Comes To Shooting Homes Right

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Last week we published a four-part series by professional stager Karen Eubank with interviews from some of the top real estate photographers in North Texas. They offered some great stories and stellar advice for agents and brokers who are looking to make the most of their listings with professional photography.

If you missed this fantastic series last week and want to read the full posts, you can see our first, second, third, and fourth installments from names such as Shoot2Sell, Unique Exposure, Chateau Shooters, and First Showing.

After the jump, check out some of our favorite quotes and advice from these photographers!

Most innovative idea:

“I believe we have made huge strides in what is considered acceptable marketing for architecture in DFW as a result of our standards.  It only helps the agent, their reputation, their sellers’ experience, the buyers’ experience, and makes our jobs easier. Everyone wins when we all pay attention.  We were also the first to come up with a “photoshoot checklist” that gets sent to the Seller to get them prepared.  At the time we started that, it was almost seen as revolutionary in Dallas as no one had put that kind of effort out there before.

— Richard Sharum, Shoot2Sell

Best perspective on editing photos: 

“Alteration is a tough subject because the majority of people understand the term ‘Photoshop.’ Quite a bit of alteration can be done to a photo, and some of it is quite easy! Speaking on behalf of my business only, and how I operate, I only alter the sky … I think because the majority of agents utilize the front exterior photo as their first shot in the MLS, that shot should look great. In North Texas we expect blue skies and sunshine. The odds are high that even if it is cloudy out today, tomorrow it will most likely be sunny, so I have no issues with adjusting the sky. During the photoshoot it can be sunny with a blue sky out, but the front photo still results in a white sky because the sun is behind the property. I think buyers deserve to see the home how they expect it, with a blue sky instead of white, so I make that adjustment. I don’t green the grass because I know when the buyer goes to the property, they aren’t going to see green grass. Ethically it’s up to the agent and real estate photographer to decide what is an acceptable adjustment to a photo.

— Lance Selgo, Unique Exposure Photography

Best advice to Realtors: 

“A good rule of thumb is to prep your home as though you plan on entertaining. Make it look presentable, declutter the countertops in the kitchens and bathrooms and put everything in its place … The circumstances may be dire, but an hour or so of tidying up can go a long way, even if the Realtor does decide to tackle it on their own.”

— Evan Godwin, Chateau Shooters

Best funny story:  

“I once had a semi-senile grandfather walking into nearly every photo. They brought him outside and he immediately manifested directly in the window of the room I was shooting.”

— Jason, First Showing Photography


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