Tuesday Two Hundred: I Never Promised You a Rose Garden or a Pool…

10918 Listi ext poolI may be a spoiled brat, but I think that for $200,000 ish in Dallas, you should be able to get 3 bedrooms and two baths, give or take a shower or tub in that second bath. That’s one of the things we look at here on CandysDirt.com. I don’t care if a home is 1500 square feet or 1200, but jam in there what people god dang need to live: 2 baths, three bedrooms and plenty of storage.

I never, ever dream of asking for a pool, a deck, or enough room for a prize-winning rose garden. For $225,000.

10918 Listi ext frontBut there it is: 10918 Listi Drive, in Highland Meadows, a little north and east, but still in 10918 Listi LR 10918 Listi DR 10918 Listi kit 10918 Listi kit 2 10918 Listi master 10918 Listi master bath 10918 Listi bath 2the Loop and not too far from the L Streets. Richardson schools. Built in 1981, you get 1548 square feet, three bedrooms two full baths, cute kitchen with oodles of storage cabinets, wood floors in the living and dining (the home is on a slab, like most of it’s neighbors), a fireplace, french doors from all three bedrooms going out to an in-ground swimming pool, covered deck, and steps down to a creek in your own backyard.

Plenty of room for a rose garden!

Now to be honest, since I’m such a brat, the kitchen is a little too white bright for me, but I would throw some new IKEA cabinets in here and call it a day. The kitchen already has the requisite stainless appliances. I’d even put in a little granite on those counters. I LOVE all the storage. The only thing I am not nuts about is having the laundry room in the two-car garage. I lived with this in a house for three years and it is just a pain. God, they must have been masochists in the early 1980’s: natural childbirth with no drugs, padded shoulders and laundry in the garage!

I love the slurried brick on this house and the style, it’s just too cute. But really, honestly, that pool more than makes up for any negatives that I may be picking at. On a day like today every homeowner deserves to come home, take everything off and go skinny dipping.10918 Listi ext deck




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