If Oklahoma Tornado Teaches Dallas Homeowners One Lesson, It Should Be The Importance of Storm Shelters

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Severe Weather

This is a residential real estate blog, and when it comes down to it, it’s a blog about people and homes. After the deadly tornado that tore through Oklahoma yesterday, thousands of people who once had a place to call home have absolutely nothing left.

I won’t get into the statistics regarding yesterday’s massive tornado that ripped through Moore, Okla., causing 17 miles of destruction and leaving thousands homeless. What I do think is important is what Weather Channel officials just said during today’s on-the-ground coverage: Tornado shelters save lives.

We live in Tornado Alley, and there’s no mistaking that every spring we are at risk for a huge, widespread weather event that could level any structure. We need to take that risk more seriously, and there is no better way to do that than to have a safe place to wait out a tornado.

Candy posted about this before, but it bears repeating. It may cost a lot in initial investment, but consider that a tornado shelter will pay for itself when you sell your house. Not only that, but it dramatically increases your chances for survival should an F-4 or F-5 tornado hit.

Today, conditions are ideal for a tornado to develop throughout North Texas, and after last week’s deadly storm in Granbury, we know that even ample warning may not be enough to reach safety. It’s best to prepare for a storm while you can. Find out more about preparedness from FEMA.

That said, if you want to help with relief efforts after the Moore, Okla., tornado, find out more from the Red Cross.


Joanna England

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