How Tight is Dallas Real Estate Inventory? Realtors Have Turned To Cold Calling

Cold Calling

The first source cited in this report from Bloomberg Businessweek is Dallas Realtor Mary Beth Harrison, who has turned to poring over tax records to find homeowners who might be motivated to sell if they knew how much money they could make.

“That’s how hot things are now,” Harrison said.

I haven’t heard reports of this happening yet, but maybe that’s because no one wants to admit to cold calling for a potential client. So tell me, do you know of a Realtor who is using this strategy, too?

I bet it would be pretty painstaking and monotonous to filter through page after page of appraisal records and compare them against market appraisals. I mean, how on earth would you even go about that considering the immense number of single-family homes in Dallas! Crazy talk!

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