Curbed’s House of the Day is One Amazing Oak Lawn Townhome Priced at $10M

Oak Lawn 3

Curbed’s writeup on 3845 Oak Lawn reads like a rejection letter a hot girl might send a well-intending guy after a bad first date:

With the lack of any sort of charming neighborhood, this place might find it hard to achieve its sky-high $10M asking price. At least a glassed-in courtyard on the second floor provides some light and air without having to open a window to the traffic.

Can be read as:

I really like you, and you have a lot going for you, but …

Oak Lawn Townhome

Let’s just say that, well, I disagree. I think this home has a lot going for it and that the location, while busy, is actually an asset. Really, does anyone move to Manhattan in search of a charming neighborhood with no traffic? No. They move to Manhattan because they want to be in the middle of the action. That’s what this house means to me. The buyer for this house doesn’t want to be in a “charming neighborhood.” They want to be in the middle of the action, which is exactly what this home provides.

Oak Lawn 2

Marketed by Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s, this home is full of light and gorgeous details. Check out the amazing modern interiors and the huge basement-level garage (you can pretend it’s the Batcave if you want). Never mind the amazing courtyard and the fabulous historic architecture. Is this townhome worth $10 million? In my book, yes.


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