Tough Guys: So What Do We Do With the Man Cave Apres the Superbowl?

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I dreamed I watched the Superbowl surrounded in Cowboy blue… and the 49ers won!

Funny thing, the folks from sent me some cool man caves last week and only one was from a home up north. Not surprising, Texas is home to the most man-caved homes anywhere. Up north I guess you just outfit a basement with a rug, a few easy chairs and a table to hold the brewskis all facing a giant screen TV. But no, here in Texas (and California-Florida too) we have huge man caves with bowling alleys, bars, games, pool tables, spas, private bathrooms even massage rooms. There is a great man cave on Meaders not too far from Daria Drive that has a great man cave complete with a bowling alley in the home’s basement. I’d venture to say in Dallas, Tom Hick’s man cave tops them all, but I bet Gerald Ford and Kelcy Warren have a pretty nifty ones, too.

From our Monday Morning Millionaire, a man-cave with style:

6601-hunters-glen-11.jpg billiards room

This man cave is at Possum Kingdom Lake in Graford, Texas, not too shabby, TV’s a little small…$2,750,000

The country-style man cave in this Graford, Tex. home features a relaxed setting where you can kick back with a beer and admire the cool guitars on the wall in between plays.
Cowboy Blue: This is a very high end Arlington home on Mark Twain Court where you take an elevator down to save your energy for cheering, and have plenty of built-in electronic screens and remote control drapes, plenty at $4,700,000:Arlington man cave
Now I would have loved to watched the half-time show – -and blackout — from this bubbling hot tub grotto in a $12 million plus home but would have had to fly to Cali:

Man cave Rancho santa fe

Ever wondered what to do with the train set stuck in the attic? Put it up high in the man cave- Rancho Santa Fe! (All men love to be little conductors, right?) $8,195,000
Man Cave Rancho Santa fe 2










LA has great man caves, too.
Man Cave Los Angeles










As does Florida for $4 million plus plus.

Man cave ft launderdale
This man cave in Glendale, CA is pretty serious about comfort and you might not need your glasses — ha but bring your checkbook: $14 million.
Man Cave in Glendale CA










But Texas does it best for less than $2 million! Southlake, Katy and Houston!Man cave in Southlake Man cave in Katy Texas Man cave in Houston
This is what I mean about the north: nice room, but looks like a jazzed up basement in Chicago. Where’s the beef? Oh wait: this is in a $1.7 Lake Shore Drive condo!

man cave in chicago


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