Calling All Decorators: I've Got a TP Dilemma

guest bath_after

I need some advice, folks. I live in a quaint little 1950s home in Casa Linda, and I’ve spent the worst better part of 4 1/2 years remodeling it. It’s come a long way, people, believe me. But today, I ran into one of my most perplexing decisions while trying to finish up the guest bath before our house guests come in for the weekend. Where the hell should I hang the toilet paper holder?

This is what it looked like before I took a sledge hammer and crow bar to it.

guest bath_before


This is after.

The guest bath isn’t spacious by any means, so I don’t really have room for a stand. Before I demoed the bathroom, the tp holder was between the toilet and tub, but it felt a little cramped and made for an awkward exchange. I might ad that I’m also about to install a pedestal sink, so I have misgivings about putting my tp on display. Since I went cheap doing a lot of the work myself, I splurged (for me) on all Moen faucets and¬†accessories, but still, it’s a toilet paper holder, right? Who wants to see that?

So this is where you come in, our all-knowing CandsyDirt followers…where do I put this damn thing?

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