Keller Williams Realtor Britt Lopez Puts Out 'Fires' With as Much Style as Any 'City Girl,'

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Britt Lopez has been blazing real estate trails in in East Dallas since 2002. She’s been involved in everything from the Lakewood Early Childhood PTA and the Hollywood Heights Home Tour committee to the Lakewood Service League. She seamlessly juggles her red hot real estate business with four kids in four different schools and knows more about East Dallas than anyone we’ve ever met.

Lopez has been with Keller Williams for almost ten years. “Working with Britt is truly a pleasure,” Keller Williams Urban owner and CEO Tony Caliendo said. “It’s amazing to watch her in action because she always performs at such a high level for not only her clients but also her family. She has a true spirit of giving and a desire to make things better for everyone she meets. We’re fortunate to be in business with such a talented person!” So are you a native Dallasite?

Britt Lopez: No — I grew up in Burleson but dreamed of living in Dallas from the time I was 12. I’ve been here since 1994. I always knew I’d live here, I love this city!

CD: Where do you live? House or Condo? House style? Do you own? Rent?

Lopez: I’m currently renting a home in East Dallas. I’ll be buying again within the next two years.

CD: And you drive a…

Lopez: Suburban and a Green Mini Cooper Convertible (green is my fave color)

CD: What’s you favorite ‘hood in Dallas and why?

Lopez: East Dallas! The first time I came to East Dallas for a baby shower, I was hooked. I love the architecture and the interesting and quirky nature of East Dallas businesses and people. I feel at home here. White Rock Lake is a huge source of peace for me. It feels like living in a small town even though I’m only a few minutes from downtown Dallas. It’s close to everything fun!

CD: If you could move in Dallas, where else might you live — what other neighborhood?

Lopez: Probably Downtown or Uptown in a high rise. I love the skyline view and have a “city girl” inside me!

CD: How the heck did you get started in real estate?

Lopez: My Realtor told me I should be in real estate. It took about 8 years before I decided to give it a try. It just took me a while to self-discover. I have always been in sales and being self-employed seems to fit my personality. Having been a stay-at-home mom for5 years, it was time to go back to work! As soon as I started I knew it was the right move. I started out working for Costello and Associates. I moved to Keller Williams after 18 months in the business and have been there ever since. I’m starting my 12th year in real estate.

CD: What’s your worst sales nightmare?

Lopez: The worst nightmare is always deals falling apart at or just before closing. There are always transactions with issues (“fires,” I call them) but in general I can put out those fires. I’ve learned a lot about people, personalities and communication during the last 11 years. There’s almost nothing that can’t be solved with a calm, steady, intelligent approach. The hail storm last June caused a lot of issues with closings and client stress levels were at an all time high. I think that’s probably the toughest situation I’ve been in over the years, trying to get deals closed during that chaos. So many things like death, divorce and job loss can cause client distress. These clients need someone who has a lot of life experience that can be empathetic and sensible at the same time and I can definitely relate to the challenges of life!

CD: What’s your best/highest sale?

Lopez: I’ve had many sales that are in the $800,000-$900,000 range but I’m not sure I would call them the” best” sales. Most of my listings create other business for me in terms of picking up buyers or other sellers. When you add up the sales amount that one listing can bring in, the numbers go well above $1million almost every time. For instance, I just closed a $200k listing in Lakewood Hills. The sellers bought a home from me. Two more buyers looking at that house purchased homes from me. So, that one closing brought in three more transactions and a $200k listing resulted in almost $2million in real estate sales volume. That’s the beauty of this business! I love that.

CD: How quickly have you ever turned a house?

Lopez: The last home I listed I sold without putting it in the MLS. I never had the chance. We got a full price offer the day the photographer was there. So I guess that’s zero days on market! I also put deals together frequently that are never listed at all.

CD: How much did you sell last year?

Lopez: I sold 26 properties and did five lease transactions. My gross sales volume was $7,442,250. I have not had a year like that since 2005. I am amazed and blessed!!

CD: Secrets to marketing a house?

Lopez: Networking and exposure. The more the agent is connected the quicker the home will sell. It has to do with getting that house out to as many people as possible. Do not keep it a secret!

CD: If you ever change careers for an encore you’ll…

Lopez: Be an actress or an artist or both!

CD: What is something most people don’t know about you?

Lopez: My parents own a winery in Burleson in the house I grew up in and I’m half Danish. My mom came over on a boat to Ellis Island when she was 18. Oh and I’m marrying a man, Mike Marsh, that I’ve known since 1976 but it took 34 years before we had a conversation! We were first in school together in 5th grade. We were then in school all thru 12th same class – never once talked to each other but knew each other. Then in Oct 2010 we reconnected at a high school reunion and actually spoke for the first time!

CD: What is your favorite place for a second home and why?

Lopez: The Emerald Coast in Florida  — Hwy 30-A! The sugar white sand and emerald water is such a source of peace for me. I go there every summer with the kids. I will own a home there and that’s where you’ll find me for at least a month every summer and a month in the winter. The sleepy beach towns and relaxed family atmosphere is the most wonderful place to rejuvenate your soul.


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