UPDATE: Bricks Are Gone From Former Home of Lee Harvey Oswald, Yet Dilapidated Structure Remains

We reported that last week, the apartment complex that alleged JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald once occupied was being dismantled brick by brick, and those bricks were being sold by the building’s owner, Jane Bryant.

However, the rest of the decaying structure has yet to meet the wrecking ball, much to the chagrin of the City of Dallas. Even though the building, which is within yards of the Bishop Arts District, had been slated for demolition for months, Bryant hasn’t made much inroads in actually razing the structure, which is beginning to tick off City Hall.

Roy Appleton’s DMN story (paywall) says that the city can tear that sucker down any time they please and charge Bryant for it:

The city can demolish the 10-unit building at any time and put a lien on the property to cover its cost. Its patience with Bryant “is running quite thin,” an assistant city attorney informed her attorney in a letter Tuesday. The city hasn’t given Bryant a deadline, but a city employee inspected the property Wednesday with a demolition company representative. A crew from a local film production company will be at the site Friday to shoot footage of Bryant and her property.

Appleton also reported that there has been some vandalism at the site, with people scavenging for things from the famed former home of an alleged assassin. Hope Bryant doesn’t lose much!