Monday Morning Millionaire: Viva La Vintage! Lakewood Show-Stopper Has History

Personal taste is such a funny thing. When it comes to gorgeous homes I can’t afford, I feel like my personal taste swings wildly in all directions, and regardless of how different one house can be from the last luxury love affair, I still picture myself moving in.

With my affinity for Craftsman bungalows, modern architecture, and Texas prairie homes, why, oh why am I in love with 7210 Lakewood? The Clifford Hutsell-designed estate doesn’t even remotely fit into any of these categories, and yet there I am, trying to find a spot for my brass-footed dining table and my reading chair.

I guess it’s because there are so many gorgeous details in this 1936 mansion marketed by The Jackson Team at Dave Perry-Miller. The stained glass is amazing, with cerulean and sage hues that are repeated throughout the home’s interior and exterior. The light fixtures are amazing, too, with Tiffany glass and gorgeous chandeliers popping up in unexpected places.

Hutsell, who was known for his Spanish Colonial homes, was prolific in both Lakewood and Highland Park. Many of the features Hutsell was known for remain intact, such as the ceramic tile mosaics framing many of the home’s entryways, the custom ironwork, coved ceilings, and the gorgeous stained glass. He was obsessed with the Spanish Colonial Revival homes of the rich and famous in Beverly Hills, and his work reflects it.

Considering what you get with this 3,146-square-foot house — Lakewood schools, an amazing pool, almost a half-acre in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Dallas — this historic home is a downright deal at just $1,349,000.

So what’s your favorite architectural style? What kind of home are you drawn to?

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