The Environment Richard Malouf is Building Over on Strait Lane: A Family Sports World

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The Malouf’s bought 10711 Strait Lane four years ago from Comer Cottrell, who had build the house but not completed it. When they got it, the inside was just sheet rock. 15,000 square feet of sheet rock plus a cabana. He hired professional designers to finish it out beautifully, elegantly, and the home was a true showplace, with custom-made beds, furniture, and linens and extravagant chandeliers, trims, and finishes. By 2010, it was a showplace. The Maloufs entertained often, once even flying in a Michael Jackson impersonator from Vegas.

In 2011, they bought 10674 Strait, the house next door, as I’ve told you. He debated what to do with it, as any investor would. Should he remodel and flip it, after all, they got a great price. Sell it to a home builder? Ultimately, he decided to keep the home and connect the two properties, by building a bridge crossover between the two homes which you can see from the street, with a driveway/port-cochere beneath it.

Eureka! 10674 Strait would be his family’s own personal sports world. Just walk there over the driveway.

They started by taking 10674 down to the shell, extending the shell a bit, gutting the downstairs by scooping out living room and dining area all the way to the front door. This was the heart of the home gymnasium: the basketball court is only five feet short of a regulation size court. Perhaps they think Dirk up the street might come over and shoot some hoops. There is a gymnastics floor, a rock-climbing wall, a weight room, an inter-active game-room, they kept the kitchen and breakfast area as a butlers kitchen for parties, and they turned an existing cabana outside into a two-story observatory. A bowling alley is planned on the second floor complete with lounge. The only thing left intact from the original house are two or three bedrooms with baths for guests or family.

And Dr. Malouf contracted it all himself.

Originally, Dr. Malouf wanted to run the giant water slides from the second story windows of the sports complex, maybe even weave them in and out of windows. My my, Der Stuka and Geranimo right there on Strait Lane.



Candy Evans

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  1. dh watson says

    some people have more money than they know what to do with, more ego than any of the rest of us, and less sense than most.

  2. dh watson says

    some people have more money than they know what to do with, more ego than any of the rest of us, and less sense than most.


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