Monday Morning Millionaire, Continued: 4130 Cochran Chapel

Jo, you’ve got a great eye, and our readers are 100% correct: this home WAS featured in D Home, written by my friend and former great editor, Jennifer Dodd. Also, the owners of this home have been dear friends since residency days. So fabulous, the home has also been used for many a TV shoot, and I THINK (don’t quote me) that David told me when we last chatted over the holidays that it was used in filming GCB (Good Christian Bitches, R.I.P.). The story is completely true. The Waldreps owned a lot down the street from us on Northaven where this home is now listed with Allie Beth Allman for lease, and they found Cochran Chapel and let go of the plans to build on Northaven. Homes have a way of just calling you, sometimes. This one turned out to be an AMAZING remodel by Guy Courtney of Wilson & Associates. The home listed in MLS last spring at $7,999,999 then reduced to $7,499,900. Today’s price is $6,900,000.