It’s No Champ d’Or, But Celine Dion’s Private Island Castle Is Just as Insane

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Holy mackerel. I was staring at these photos of Celine Dion’s insane $29.3 million mansion on her own private island outside of Montreal and I was a little overwhelmed … but it’s all coming back to me now. Tell me this: Does the French Normandy-style compound look a lot like the lost cousin of Champ d’Or or what?

The interiors of the multi-platinum diva’s estate are just as opulent, if not moreso, than Champ’s. I mean, if you’re into tons of silk, antiques, and gold-covered everything. And guess what, folks. Now that Celine’s got a regular gig in Vegas, she’s putting her crazy, crazy home on the market.

In all, the 24,000-square-foot mega mansion has three living rooms, three dining rooms (the formal can seat 18), a wine cellar, two master suites, an outdoor pool and guest house, and one heart … just kidding!

I wonder if the house, which includes art, linens, custom everything, and helipad if you can negotiate it, will sell at auction like Champ did. Heck, I’d love to buy it myself, but there’s a very short list of folks who can throw down that kind of dough, and that’s just the way it is.

Oh well. My heart will go on.


Joanna England

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