The Mary Kay House is in MLS! Feast Your Eyes On the “Pinkest” House in Dallas!

Photos by Shoot2Sell

As I told you two weeks ago, the Mary Kay home is on the market and listed with precious Karen Luter of Allie Beth Allman. Fox 4 is doing a story on it this Wednesday, and I’ve even had calla about it from Japan. Of course, it is no longer owned by the late Mary Kay Ash and in fact, the blonde cosmetics tycoon had moved out of the house during her later years and back into her home at 7246 Lupton, pictured below. Meantime, guess who jazzed up the interiors on Douglas? None other than designer-with-a-real-estate-license Mark Godson, who has staged the Palomar Residences as well as a new listing with Debbie Ingram you shall soon be drooling over. I still cannot believe the listing price is only $3.3 for this pink palace. Swear it should be the home of the Mayor of Dallas — as long as he pays the mortage! By the way: I am having lunch with the descendants of the home’s architect, Fred Wynn, tomorrow. They tell me the house was built as a spec house. Get ready for more delicious details on Valentines Day!