A Dallas House Love Story: Belle Nora A Sweet Sixteen Birthday Gift For East Dallas Man’s Daughter

Dallas House Bella Nora

by Karen Eubank

Well Khloe K, you sure blew it. Belle Nora has been purchased as a true love story twice, once for a man and his wife, the other a father for his daughter.

Dave Anderson, one of our own East Dallasites, purchased the historic East Dallas mansion last week. Keller Williams wonder agent Vicki White was the listing agent for this grand, beloved landmark that had been on the market since November, 2007: a whopping 790 days. Clearly an issue of timing; by 2008 we knew where the real estate market was going and it was not pretty. Belle Nora was taken off the market and then re-listed with Vicki last July and after 169 days, the historic Dallas home closed last Friday, December 30. The price was dramatically reduced from the original (circa) 2007 asking price of $2,790,000 to $1,875,000. All of us were thrilled with the news that Mr. Anderson, who owns Zoo Music on Garland Road, is not going to bulldoze and build mini mac’s. He’s moving in with his daughter and you better grab the tissue box because this is just about the sweetest, most touching house love story you’ve ever heard.

Doctor Jesus S. Guevara purchased Bella Nora years ago as a present for his beloved wife, Joan Simpson. They lived in a house literally two doors down from Belle Nora. Joan remarked every time they passed the stately white mansion how much she loved the home and would love to live there. When she left to vacation at their second summer home in Maine, Dr. Guevara purchased Belle Nora and spent the summer completing renovations. Upon Joan’s return, he told her he finally had obtained permission to show it to her. When they got to the front porch, he handed her the keys and told her he had bought it as a gift for her, his beloved wife.

Even more touching is the fact that Mrs. Guevara was ill and living at Belle Nora during her final days with her husband and son which brought her what was really her last happiness. In fact, Dr. G. was so attached to her memory in the home he couldn’t move her car out of the garage.

Dave Anderson also has an only child, in this case a daughter, Kevyn Brooke. Kevyn’s mom died when she was only five months old and Dave has raised her with the help of his parents and in-laws. They’ve owned a house in Forest Hills for sixteen years and of course, like Joan Simpson, driven by Bella Nora countless times. Kevyn had joked with her dad about purchasing the house for her.

A few ironic twists and turns: Anderson owns Grandwick, the old Scientology place. Belle Nora was originally owned by Al Morgan. When Al sold to Dr. G, he moved to the property at 1850 Buckner which he named Grandwick. Years later, Dave Anderson purchased Grandwick, which later became the Church of Scientology.

And Dave Anderson also had trouble parting with his beloved wife’s car.

Well, Dave Anderson just may get Father of the Year, maybe the Century. Dave secretly purchased the house with the help of his agent, Cheryl McBrayer. The day after closing, which would be New Year’s Eve, he told Kevyn he had to drop off something to Vicki at Bella Nora and that they had permission to tour the house.

When they arrived at that stately white mansion, there was a huge pink bow with a gift tag on the front door from McShan Florist.

“I could not hear his exact words as I was in the house, and his Realtor was video-taping, basically I think he just told her that she knew he had been looking at a house for them, and he hoped she would like this one,” says Vicki. “He had to tell her several times that it was HER house. She started screaming and crying. I did hear him say “I love you baby” and she said the same thing. It was extremely emotional.”

In the house, Dr. Guevara told the story of how he had given Belle Nora to his wife the same way, as a surprise. Before she left, Kevyn asked Dr. Guevara if she could hug him.

That was December 31st. It was also Kevyn Brooke’s 16th birthday.

Now that’s a love story.







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