Hot Property: Lydia Player, Who Just Did A Hot Little Number of Real Estate Moving Herself!

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Lydia Player is a hot property who has just relocated from Virginia Cook Realtors to Ebby Halliday. I caught up with Lydia, a former neighbor (full disclosure here) to find out what tickles her dirt:

CD: Lydia, how long have you been selling Real Estate in Dallas?

LP: A little more than 6 years.

CD:What parts of town do you specialize in?

LP: Preston Hollow, Park Cities and all parts south of LBJ.

CD: Why are some homes selling now in seemingly three days where others languish?

LP: Price, condition and location. Those have been and continue to be the reasons one home sells and another one doesn’t. That said, there is more demand for a simpler lifestyle and less upkeep. The trend is also toward soft contemporary – clean lines, less clutter, not too ornate.

CD:How are your sales and what’s Your Secret Sauce to sales success?

LP: My sales are much better this year – compared to lousy sales last year. The market is inching back. To successfully sell a home, you must remember that people are buying a lifestyle, not the brick and mortar. When they view the photos on line, when they drive up and when they walk in the front door, we want them to say “Wow. I want to live like THIS.” They should feel like the clouds will part, the sun will shine and the birds will chirp when they move in to this property. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a mansion, a duplex or a high rise, you need to determine who your buyers are and what they want. Then stage the property and show a lifestyle that those buyers are dreaming of. If they feel like their life will be perfect when they move into this house, you’ve sold them.

CD: Wow. So should Homeowners (Sellers) stage homes?

LP: Yes! Yes! Yes! I’d estimate that a third of the homes I tour have been staged or decorated for the purpose of selling. Without question, in today’s market a staged home will get more showings and show better when buyers are in it. And people are starting to expect it. I include two hours with a professional stager when I list a home for sale. Remember, people are buying a lifestyle and your staging needs to create the lifestyle they want.

CD: Your worst nightmare as an agent?

LP: When a client changes their mind after they’ve signed a contract. It happens. And it’s really bad if they wait until the last minute. Not only does it usually cost them money, but it is typically a bad decision that they regret later.

CD: If you could live in any neighborhood in Dallas, where would you live?

LP: Preston Hollow for the trees and ease of getting around. Lakewood for the diversity and funky vibe.

CD:How long is too long on the market?

LP: One year. That may seem like way too long, but in this market the picky buyers are taking two or three times as long to choose a house. Also, the more unique a property is, the longer it usually takes to sell.

CD: Favorite home style?

LP: Traditional with clean lines.

CD: What kind of car do you drive?

LP: A Lexus hybrid.

CD: Money is no object: tell me where you would buy a second home!

LP: Jackson Hole, Wyoming because it’s beautiful, cool in the summer, offers skiing in the winter and has easy airport access. For my third home, I’d choose a beach location in Nantucket, Cape Cod or Cabo San Lucas.


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