Glenn Beck Makes It Official: Fam’s Already On Texas Soil, Sources Say He May Ultimately Build

As we told you here absolutely first, former Fox entertainer Glenn Beck has confirmed he’s not only moving to Dallas but in fact, the family is already here. (Wonder how it makes the folks in Westlake feel when Beck says he’s moving to “Dallas”?) Robert Wilonsky at The Dallas  Observer also has this fun YouTube video of the new Pietra now Beck manse, which he is leasing for $20,000 a month. Over the weekend, I heard that Beck is leasing because he wants to test the waters in Vaquero and  may ultimately build his own spread out there. He also plans to build a big radio/TV/production facility and “we’re gonna create some jobs with people who know how to create jobs”. Beck was not too keen on the “media” spilling the beans on his new abode, despite leasing under an assumed name (can you do that?) and confidentiality agreements. He’s worried that it will put his family in jeopardy, and to that I say, chill, Glenn: you’re living in Vaquero.