Ask Candy: Is it OK to Shoot the Squirrels That Are Taking Over My Yard?

A reader with a home on the market is very frustrated with the proliferation of squirrels this spring in his far North Dallas neighborhood:

Dear Candy: How do you handle squirrels when your home is on the market and they are everywhere? One almost jumped on a couple as they were leaving our home yesterday. (They are extra frisky because of the weekend storms, we guess.) We are marketing our home and drawing attention to the large, lush trees, but this spring they seem to be filled with more critters than leaves. Is it ever legal to shoot squirrels in your yard? I hate to be extreme, but they are driving us crazy, destroying patio cushions, and jumping all over the house. Thanks!

It is NOT legal to shoot squirrels within the city limits of Dallas, and by “shoot” I hope your definition was that of a Super Soaker! (Though I confess, I’ve been tempted… squirrels broke my home’s virginity!)¬† You can keep squirrels off your roof somewhat by trimming back trees that touch the roof. One Preston Hollow homeowner has wiring that is supposed to electrocute the squirrels, but I always fear a malfunction — or what if you send a workman up there! You might try calling the Critter Catcher.¬† They will humanely trap and then remove the alpha squirrel so his reproducing days will be far fewer. Or, watch this funny video — irreverent, yes, but my son turned me into a huge Will Ferrell fan:

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