Grab your coffee, or a glass of wine. Sit down. You’re in for a treat. We want you to get comfortable because we have a lot to say. And we have a lot of beautiful photos to show you of this gorgeous Southlake contemporary luxury home at 1312 Fanning Street in The Reserve of Westwyck Hills.


I wanted to see if we common folks can live in the mid-cities area, like Southlake, just like all these pro ball player and coaches. I love Vaquero and Westwyck Hills — especially the way they spell the name –but you have to drop at least a couple million. It’s Tuesday $200, our “value real estate” day. How about a home for just $133,000? Are you laughing? Joke’s on you because Briggs-Freeman Sotheby’s has a listing in it’s Southlake office that is so great, it’s already pending.

Enter 2500 Satinwood Court, Arlington. I’m talking a quarter of an acre, 1620 square feet, three bedrooms and two baths. Recall that LaMarcus Aldridge only has two baths in that Lake Oswego, Oregon house. I guess hippies don’t take baths! So here we have a two car garage, a fireplace in the master suite, hell there really is a master suite. Covered patio just itching for an outside kitchen and barbecue pit, new roof and A/C as this house was built in 1985. Tarrant county taxes, and you get to live on a cul de sac. I mean, this house is so reasonable you could just charge it for the miles. But like I said, someone has already tucked it in their shopping cart — I came in just too late! The listing agents have a whole lot more in this price range — check it out!


LaMarcus Aldridge, who plays for the Portland Trail Blazers, really likes him some real estate. The pro baller has not one but TWO homes in Southlake — gosh what it is about Southlake and Westlake and Colleyville that just make these places MAGNETS for pro players and coaches? The one on the market for $1,749,000 is at 1257 Biltmore in chi chi Westwyck Hills, and already has a contingency contract on it: ya know, if someone sells their pad, they’ll buy this one. That does not mean a hot buyer flush with cashola could not come in and trump the deal. Aldridge bought the home only a year ago in 2011 and according to Realtor.com paid $1.64M. That’s a really great price, because the place was once listed with Roxanne Taylor for $2.2 million! UPDATE: A commenter (below) tells us 4678 Byron Circle in Irving – on the TPC, is also owned by LaMarcus and has been on the market since Sept of 2010. Original list price, $3M. Now $1.7ish.

If this NBA superstar can get what he’s asking for it, he stands to make a tidy profit.

Located on an almost one acre lot with “mature” landscaping — is this opposed to “immature landscaping?” — the  6950 square foot home built in 2007 features five bedrooms, five full and two half baths, large covered patio with fireplace, grill and summer kitchen and truly one of the biggest pools I’ve seen — well, excluding Water Pik Park — with enough rock to start a quarry, and a slide. Supposedly every inch of the house is heavily textured — you can see the slurry on the green dining room walls. I don’t know: someday anthropologists are going to look at us and say gosh, these people sure liked warped walls! The master is ginormous with a spa bathroom and an exercise room. There is a huge game room & media room. If you are at all into cooking, there is of course a gourmet kitchen (yawn, aren’t they all?) with a wine closet to lock out the kiddos and Dez Bryant alcoholic colleagues, a nice butler’s pantry, and a separate breakfast area with fireplace I would personally market as a Morning Room just because I haven’t seen that too much in this neck of DFW.

Did I say Aldridge owns two homes? Yes indeedy. 1410 Montgomery Lane in Timarron also looks like it belongs to the pro basketball player, according to public records. This one is NOT on the market. Five bedrooms, three and a half baths, 3700 ish square feet he picked up in June of 2011.

You know what this is telling me? People like Aldridge think our real estate market is a dang good investment! And he’s getting more selective on where he buys: Aldridge,  who was born in Dallas, purchased a $2 million home in the Dallas suburb of Irving a few years ago.  It was vintage 2008 with five bedrooms, four full bathrooms and one half bathroom, three-car garage, patio with a bar, swimming pool, and 5,867 square feet. Not sure, but looks very Cottonwood Valley to me, you? He then sold this pad, and bought in Westwyck Hills in 2011.

Aldridge also owns or owned a home in Lake Oswego, Oregon: five bedrooms, only two baths (that’s weird), 5946 square feet he bought in 2007 for $2.2 million. I’m checking to see if he still owns that. Looks kind of woodsy, no? But only two baths… well, it’s Oregon.