Dallas City Councilman Kevin Felder surrendered Tuesday to felony charges stemming from an alleged scooter accident he is accused of fleeing from — and if convicted, those charges may mean more than a felony record.

Felder, who represents District 7, has been accused of fleeing the scene of an accident where he allegedly hit someone traveling by scooter in South Dallas.

Councilman Felder and his attorney, Pete Schulte, vehemently deny the charges. (more…)

PringlesThey say that necessity is the mother of invention, and they must be right, because one Wichita Falls hero found a new use for a Pringles can that has the entire Internet abuzz.

I mean, no less than 50 people messaged or emailed me links to this story, so you know it was ripe for a Wednesday WTF. And while some might say I’ll need to see chiropractic help for the stretch I’m performing, let me tell you why we’re talking about the lady who got banned from the Walmart for driving a scooter around the parking lot whilst drinking wine from a Pringles can.

Basically, she’s legitimized something our grandmas already do, and it’s the new craze — I mean, if Pringles cans can be reused for wine, that Country Crock tub that your granny sends lasagna leftovers home in, reminding you she wants that tub back, is now a hipster trend.

Just think of what you can do with that empty jar of peanut butter — it’s now a special tequila jar. Peel the Peter Pan label off and write “My Tequila” on it with a Sharpie and it’s a bespoke tequila jar. That empty Noosa yogurt container? VODKA. Gin and tonics will pair nicely with, of course, that empty kombucha bottle, once you pour out the kombucha. And of course, any schnapps goes in a Stage 3 baby food jar. That’s just science. (more…)