You know, the Katy Trail is no longer the only hot trail in town. Here’s a pretty home on Northaven and backing up to the Oncor Power lines, but keep in mind that statement has a new meaning! The City of Dallas Parks and Recreation just completed the Northaven Trail right behind this house, and already it is a huge hit.  The trail will link White Rock Creek Greenbelt, Royal Park and the Elm Fork Greenbelt. It will connect with the existing White Rock Creek Greenbelt Trail and the proposed Elm Fork Trail. The trail will also connect several public and private schools, churches, and a YMCA at a total length of 9.4 miles.

So the trail is behind this updated ranch at 6114 Northaven Road. Do not worry about a busy street situation: Northaven has speed bumps in this block. You are several homes off Preston. The home has been beautifully updated in every corner. Yes, Virginia, there are high ceilings! Also granite, travertine, and sleek tiles so you would never know she was born in 1953. The kitchen is Mr. Wolf and Mr. Viking, with granite counters and new cabinets, hand scraped wood floors plus travertine, great master bath suite,  three bedrooms, two and a half baths, formals, two car garage, carport and gate on a .5 acre wooded lot with huge trees,. Asking $549,000 and, in my opine, well priced!

Question: what do you think of the stucco slurry over brick? I am seeing a lot of it in ’50s and ’60s ranch remodels…



I mean it’s like no foreplay! This home went on the market, what, September 3 and there’s already a contract! More than 300 through two open-houses. Do you think the contract is for asking? Ten percent under? This ought to be fun, let’s guess!

Brick removed, walls smoothed for stucco?

Rear second story addition

Can you remodel a ranch and make it a liveable, sellable home?

So there is this house on Northaven. I called the builder a few weeks ago and he told me he buys homes like this 1950’s ranch and rather than tear down the whole house, he preserves as much as he can and remodels it. Looks like they are even adding a second story in the back. We’ll be tracking the progress here on

But here’s the deal: do these homes sell? Here is one a few doors down listed by my friend Trey Bounds with Allie Beth Allman. $1,250,000. Reduced from $1,742,850 I kid you not. It’s been on the market since 12/2008 with that RIDICULOUS PRICE TAG and been through more agents (OK, three) than Tiger Woods has had mistresses. I feel like doing a cheer here because if anyone can sell it, Trey can, and he has it priced sensibly. But this little angel started out life as a 1950’s ranch and maybe, like most of us girls, she’s just a ranch girl at heart no matter how much stucco and crap they glop on her.

6147 Northaven

So what’s the deal? Did the Real Estate bust kill off the scraper mentality? Is it better to maintain as much original (um, old) structure as possible to be green and most pointedly, are these homes marketable?

6147 Northaven 7/03/2006

Just getting to know the¬†Kozelskys as they are selling their architectural jewel of Dallas real estate for sale down the street from me. Now comes word from Lynette Scruggs they have reduced this the most talked about home in Dallas to $9,750,000 from $11.5. Amy said she was testing the waters, you go girl! Stick your whole foot in! $9.750 mil will still be a record for this ‘hood. The K’s are having a little recognition party (Trailbalzers Event) for the major underwriters for Cattle Barons chez Northaven Thursday eve.

The last unreal sale that ripped this ‘hood when William ‚ÄúKip‚Äù Tindell bought Caroline Minnis‚Äôs $ 5.2 millionish sleek contemporary home on Northaven at West Ricks Circle. It’s a honey. Also must tell you that since all the postings on 6645 Northaven, I have been getting more email from the kiddos who grew up with my kiddos and the family who used to live at this address, Peach and Beck Weathers, he of Mount Everest fame.¬† 6645 was also owned by a family named Taylor before the Kozelsky’s purchased the property.