Modlin Avenue

Tucked into a quiet Westside location, only blocks from Rivercrest Country Club, Museums, and 7th Street shops and restaurants, 4051 Modlin Avenue sports classic Colonial style and a generous 4,700 square feet of living space. The façade is pleasingly symmetrical capped at the center by a broken pediment surmounting a graceful arched window.

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Clarke Avenue and its perpendicular adjunct, Clover Lane, seem to be charmed places, which have never waned in popularity since they were developed in the 1920s. Prized by young professionals on the move in search of a good west side address, lifelong friendships are often formed with neighbors. Several of my friends and acquaintances made strong friendships on Clover and Clarke that have endured for decades. Some move on, often to grander digs, but many stay, content with the inherent charm of the street and the ideal location — sandwiched between Rivercrest, Monticello, and the Cultural District.

In some respects the area has been a victim of its own success, with prices seemingly rising ever upward and also tempting their affluent owners into unfortunately conceived renovations. So it is a happy surprise to encounter a thoughtfully updated listing at 3824 Clarke Avenue that is truly move-in ready.



Madeline Place

I would love to color my beard Kris Kringle white and award a house to a deserving tike. Short of that, Fort Worth Friday can offer the next best thing to a Christmas gift-a 2100 square foot charmer with a choice west side location, selling below appraised value. In the heart of the Cultural District, on 1320 Madeline Place, the three-bedroom, two-bath bungalow is a true survivor, celebrating its centenary next year.

Some might find the adjacent condominium complex, stretching over two lots, a negative, but I regard it as a useful buffer to busy Camp Bowie to the south. Museums are an agreeable walk from the property. And this cutie has curb appeal in spades. Wood steps lead to a welcoming front porch varnished to a glass-like sheen.

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Bunting Avenue

Think modern architecture can’t observe pleasing proportions and effortlessly allude to a classical past? Have a look at 4050 Bunting Avenue. Its picture perfect, symmetrical façade is wrapped by a beautifully scaled low wall which emphasizes the buildings horizontals. Simplified pilasters support a clean entablature.

These elements combine to create a composition which harkens back to Art Deco pavilions of the 1920’s and 30’s, themselves echoing a remembered, 18th Century classical past. And there is the desirable North Hi Mount location. (more…)

North Hi Mount

If it’s about location, 4067 West 7th Street in North Hi Mount has it in spades. It sits perched on a hill a few short blocks down from the multitude of bars and eateries that comprise the lively 7th Street scene, and just across the street from Monticello, and literally a stones throw from River Crest Country Club.

And isn’t it a rare treat to find a new build we can love. This 2008-built, four bedroom, three-and-one-half-bath home achieves charm. The pleasing proportions of the stucco, Mediterranean-style house displays an architectural literacy.

Beautifully landscaped, it exudes curb appeal. On a tight one-seventh-acre lot, it manages to pack in nearly 4,000 square feet of living space. Entering through an iron door, you encounter a spacious outdoor living area with a fireplace, hidden behind high walls. The random rubble terra cotta floor add to the agreeable first impressions.

North Hi Mount