In this week’s Agent Migration column, Realtor Paige Poupart joined Compass. Did you make a big move? Contact Joshua Baethge.

Realtor Paige Poupart recently joined Compass Real Estate. She was previously at the Keller Williams Southlake Office.

“I loved my Keller Williams family, especially the Southlake Office,” she said. “It was a very special and unique group.”

Compass had been on her radar since she first learned about them in New York. She watched with interest as they expanded into Dallas, and had been seriously contemplating a move since this past summer.


Karen Eubank

We have a potential star in our midst, folks!

Our own lovely Karen Eubank, expert stager extraordinaire, recently auditioned for an HGTV reality show about her passion: staging homes to get them sold!

“HGTV is a big deal, and I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun!” Karen told us in an exclusive interview. “The audition was an absolute blast! Of course I love talking, am passionate about staging, completely comfortable on camera, and not the least bit shy, so that helps!”

The show, which is being produced and marketed by 12 Forward Entertainment (Donna Decorates Dallas, Gator 911), found Karen after chatting with one of her clients. Come to find out, though, one of the executive producers had a mutual friend with Karen from back in their college days at University of Texas — Austin. Talk about a coincidence!

“I noticed all these Middle Eastern textiles and asked if he had lived in Egypt. He said ‘Oh yes, Cairo,'” Karen said, adding that she had a longtime friend from college who had moved to Cairo after graduation.

“He said ‘Is it Tom Hartwell?’ I about fell over. YES IT WAS!” Karen exclaimed. As it turned out, all three of them attended UT at the same time. “So we had this great common ground immediately which is always helpful, but in general, stagers are pretty adept at finding common ground. You have to because staging is a pretty intimate experience!”

After a great “walk-and-talk” Karen says she is upbeat about the experience.

Tim Dickey, one of the producers, played the seller as Karen helped give him advice on how to best prepare his home for the market.

“He gave me a huge compliment when it was all over. He may not even have realized how big it was. He said, ‘I quit listening as a producer half way through and started listening as a homeowner. I’m not selling but I’m going to do some of those things you suggested!'”

Keep your fingers crossed for Karen! She’ll find out in about a month if she’ll be selected for the show. The next step, she says, is a pilot! Exciting!