If peace and quiet lake living is your jam for the Fourth – 1901 Park Street is for you!

Let’s face it, parades and clowns aren’t everyone’s ideal way to spend the Fourth of July holiday.  If you are more of a “relax and enjoy the lap, lap, lapping of the lake” type, then I have the property for you!

Azle, Texas and Eagle Mountain Lake

Azle? Where is Azle?  Is that in Tarrant County?  Does it qualify for our Bonus Tarrant County Tuesday post? Actually yes, Azle, is a bedroom community of Fort Worth – one of the best-kept secrets that is starting to get out – about 17 miles northwest of Cowtown.

Lake living at its finest

Home, pool, and lake — any questions?

The town of around 13,000 residents is partially in Tarrant County as well as Parker County — so it totally counts to be highlighted in our Fourth of July Bonus Tarrant County Tuesday


Dallas ISD will likely ask voters to approve a 13-cent property tax increase in November, its first in almost a decade. (Photo by Flickr/Stuart Pilbrow

Dallas ISD will likely ask voters to approve a 13-cent property tax increase in November, its first in almost a decade. (Photo by Flickr/Stuart Pilbrow)

Hooboy. I’ve gotten some heated emails about the Dallas Independent School District’s announcement that it would be asking voters for a 13-cent increase in property taxes come November.

And I get it. But I also think that many of the folks that emailed me, or that I’ve seen railing against it on social media, have only read the headline. Why do I think this?

Because frankly, all they know is that it’s going up. They can’t tell you how much. They can’t tell me how the measure will be structured. They can’t even tell me if the current rate is too high, or too low.

So it’s clear we need to unpack this. If you want some excellent reasons and information, Eric Celeste and Corbett Smith have already outlined quite a bit. And let me say upfront that as a homeowner, I’m not too jazzed about my bill going up. But as I’ve said elsewhere while hiding in my car from my family while recording a podcast, education is infrastructure. And we have to start treating it like infrastructure.

I know we just passed a bond. But if you do or don’t recall, many felt that bond election should’ve included a small tax increase then, to expand pre-K. It didn’t, because people felt that if a tax was attached, people would vote no on the whole thing.

But if you read no other paragraph than this, read this one: You do not have to vote yes for the entire 13-cent increase. Yes, everyone that knows what’s going on in Dallas ISD would like and hope you do vote for it. But three proposals will go to the voters: a 5-cent increase to fund pre-K expansion, a 4-cent increase to increase the college prep program that will ensure that more district graduates graduate with two years of free college under their belts, and a 4-cent increase to fund teacher pay increases and incentives for some of the district’s best educators that agree to go some of the district’s lowest-performing schools.  Again, that totals 13 cents. But you don’t have to vote yes for all of it (but seriously, you should). (more…)

Texas lake house

There’s nothing quite like a Texas lake house. This one, at 1901 Park St. in Azle, is located close to Fort Worth. Photo: Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty

Lakeshore living is at its finest in the Lone Star State, where these five lake house will surprise you with their views, amenities, and luxury. Take a look at a couple of our favorites places for relaxing this summer, thanks to Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty.

Read all about them over at SecondShelters.com!


Azle News Front Page

Photo: WFAA

Several North Texas homeowners, especially those in Azle and near Eagle Mountain Lake, are concerned that expanded shale gas exploration and hydraulic fracturing may be causing the rash of seismic activity that has these communities all shook up.

To address these concerns, the Texas House Subcommittee on Seismic Activity is holding a hearing today at 1 p.m. The committee, headed by State Rep. Myra Crownover (R-Denton), will listen to expert testimony on the subject. Here’s what the agenda says:

“Study the current conditions surrounding the increased seismic activity in
the Barnett Shale and other areas of the State. Specifically, review the
possibility that increased exploration and disposal well activity could
impact seismic activity. The committee shall review active oil and gas
activity and injection wells in areas experiencing increased seismic

The increased seismic activity has some homeowners worried about their home values, which has many considering updates to their homeowners insurance policies. Earthquakes, much like floods, aren’t usually covered in typical homeowners policies, so if you think your home is at risk for earthquake damage, you might want to read our piece on how fracking-related seismic activity is sending tremors through insurance companies.

Windjammer back

My dad is big on fishing. He loves to get out on the lake and waste a few hours with a friend, sitting in relative silence and drinking something cold. We lived super close to a great fishing hole growing up, but not everyone is so lucky.

424 Windjammer backyard

Well, until now. Does your dad crave easy access to a boat slip? Does he often talk about getting out and going fishing, but rarely, if ever does? Then you should definitely have him check out this fantastic home at 424 Windjammer Lane in Azle’s Oak Harbor Estates that not only has a great little saltwater pool, but also has lake views and access to a boat slip, a fantastic game room with a wet bar and a fantastic garage. It’s a steal, too, at just $299,000 for a five-bedroom, three-bath house!

424 Windjammer Family

There are tons of upgraded fixtures, too, including hardwood floors, travertine, and a breakfast nook and kitchen with a beautiful stained wood ceiling. I love the vaulted ceiling in the family room, which makes the space feel even more generous. There are tons of windows from which you can see Eagle Mountain Lake, and if you think you have to live in the sticks for views and a place like this, well, you’re wrong. This house is minutes outside Fort Worth — a huge plus!

424 Windjammer Kitchen

There’s almost 3,000 square feet of space inside, which is plenty of room for guests to spread out during all of the fabulous get-togethers you’re going to throw this summer. I can’t imagine a better place for a Fourth of July grill-a-thon than that outdoor kitchen, just steps from the pool for when the heat and margaritas start to get to you. And there’s a great spot in this home that is just begging to be made into the ultimate man-cave.

424 Windjammer Master

I have only one gripe about this house — and it’s a tiny one. It seems kind of weird to me that a home in this location, with these amenities and at this price point has a master bedroom that is only 15 x 16. I was really hoping for something much larger, but hey, maybe it’s the over-sized four-poster bed that makes the room feel a bit smaller than it is.

424 Windjammer Master Bath

In any case, this is a house that I am sure any dad worth his sea-faring salt would love!