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If the name Barry Williams comes to mind, you have a nose for haute design. He is one of the most exclusive interior designers in Texas. He has created exquisitely appointed interiors for a highly select register of clientele. In fact, his nickname is “the billionaire’s decorator”, because he has worked for six. He has no website, because he’s not interested in making himself available to everyone, only to those as serious about beautiful design as he is. For years, his business even had an unlisted telephone number. As our Leah Shafer wrote:

He brings a photographer’s eye, a perfectionist’s attention to detail, and a historian’s context to his work at Williams Design Inc., a firm he opened in the Dallas Design District in 1999.

If one could step into the imagination of interior designer Barry Williams, I imagine one would find a lavish, carefully curated place of amaranthine loveliness, as well as an endless inventory of ideas.

But oh, what if one could step into his home? What if one could buy it?

Barry Williams portrait

“I wanted 4350 Westside Drive to reflect my evolution of taste,” he told me. “to quote Alfred Lord Tennyson: ‘I am  part of all that I have met.’ And I have met lots of new stuff! There has been a sea change in design in the last ten years. I could offer, for example, to deliver a gorgeous 18th century armoire to your house for free, and you wouldn’t want it.” (more…)

Hip Pocket

Nice piece of reporting in this D CEO piece by Phil Harvey who tries to tell us how the search for real estate has changed over the last 40-50 years:

Fifty-one years ago, if you were looking for a new home, you had to get in your car and actually go look for one. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) surveyed homebuyers in 1964 and found that about 40 percent said they read the newspaper for home listings, and 7 percent drove through neighborhoods looking for “open house” or “for sale” signs.

In 2015, my homebuying experience began with a visit to the app store. My wife and I downloaded apps, looked at photos, bookmarked homes we liked, and used Google Maps to tour neighborhoods.

NAR survey data shows that these days, more than 40 percent of consumers looked online first when trying to find a home. But even with all the technology at our fingertips, homebuying can still be a confusing process, and real estate agents are very much in demand—especially in a hot market like Dallas-Fort Worth. 

That 40% is an interesting statistic, because I have read that it is closer to 90%. Of course, we have been all about the digital experience with real estate here at CandysDirt.com (and our sister blogs) since the very beginning of digital time. Thus I found the article a wee bit amusing, but informative:James and Clay (more…)

Farmers Market Loft

Lofts tend to feel big because of high ceilings, tall windows, and few interior walls dividing up the space. But today’s Thursday Three Hundred really IS a big space—2,296 square feet with polished concrete floors, exposed ductwork, and huge iron windows that hinge open.

Unit 208 at 2220 Canton St. is located near the downtown Dallas Farmers Market in the historic Olive & Myers Furniture Company Building, constructed in 1925. Now called 2220 Canton, the building was renovated for residential living in 1996 by Corgan & Associates (same folks who did the Adam Hats Lofts nearby in Deep Ellum).

Their beautiful work won a Building Design award from the Dallas chapter of the American Institute of Architects. It is one of the few remaining examples of factory architecture in downtown Dallas and the property is now listed as a City of Dallas Landmark.

Farmers Market Loft

Not only does 2220 Canton offer an incredible location in the southwest part of downtown, check out that view from the rooftop pool deck above. Wow. Residents have access to a concierge during normal business hours, as well as a fitness center in the building and 1/3-mile walking track on the roof.

This unusual loft is newly listed by Holly Bock at Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International for $390,350.


>James and Clay

Dallas Realtor & broker Clay Stapp just got back from New York City, where he and his biz partner, James Bohan-Pitt, proudly introduced their start-up we told you about last week, HipPocket, to the tech world at TechCrunch Disrupt.

Disrupt is an annual conference hosted by TechCrunch in San Francisco, New York City, and Beijing.

James is the CEO & Co-Founder of HipPocket. Not a Realtor, but he is a product strategy, marketing and business launch specialist with experience that includes three Fidelity Investments telecoms and technology portfolio companies and a number of technology startups, including, of course, HipPocket.
Let me tell you how cool it is they were there: TechCrunch is the Holy Grail of the tech world. Getting written up is one huge kudo, showing off to all the investors who follow the news website at Disrupt is another. Attendees go there to showcase their products, network, gain insights from others, get publicity and seek investors.  (more…)

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Are you one of those who say that in order to have a spanking new home south of LBJ, you have to shell out at least a million? And have a utility bill taller than Reunion Tower? Well, this off-market listing at 4029 Adrian Drive is about to make you put your money where your mouth is.

4026 Adrian dr pool (more…)

Hip Pocket

Update: This is a mobile app only open to licensed Realtors. Another tool to help Realtors communicate with lightening speed on their mobile devices, where let’s face it, we all live with each other. Download HipPocket on thebApple App Store today http://hppkt.co/GetHipPocket

You know about The Unlisted, and Facebook Friends, the private real estate social networks we have told you about here on CandysDirt.com… and will continue to tell you about. We think there is such a presence and need for off-market listings that essentially a whole second market is being created. Most of these properties are selling at the highest end of the market, where sellers are more concerned with knowing who is touring the property than getting the largest number of buyers through the door — what MLS has traditionally done. Because of low housing inventory, these sellers are not shortchanging their pricing, either. It’s a matter of speed: agents want to get the word out quickly, and guess what can do that? Technology!

Today a new site launches called HipPocket, the brain child of Dallas broker extraordinaire Clay Stapp and James Bohan-Pitt. How cool is this: the company was just featured in Tech.co. and scored as the hottest local startup. Fourteen startups strutted their stuff at The Dallas Entrepreneurial Center  to more than 100 people —  HipPocket & HedgeChatter snagged the titles of Hottest Startups in Dallas! Hip Pocket is so easy to use — when I played with it I had my home listed in about 30 seconds. Plus the software allows for commentary on the property, sharing, and instantaneous agent contact. (more…)


Daylon Pereira is an agent with Allie Beth Allman

That’s OK, of course, because we know he saw it here first and we love Steve! We’re gonna party with him at NAREE in Miami.

Here’s our story on a private website for agents to share hip pockets called The Unlisted.   (more…)


Get ready to put some excitement in your Monday morning! This new off-market listing, from The Unlisted, is a total contemporary redo of a yawning North Dallas ranch. Talk about something to whet your appetite and put some Yippee! in this fine morning. Like a triple Expresso, this lovely coordination of natural wood, stone, metal roof with polished concrete, natural wood, and stone floors will knock your socks off. The house is located at 9026 North McCraw, just west of the Dallas North Tollway. That means the location is in the heartbeat of Dallas, the very center: go south on the Dallas North Tollway to downtown, Bishop Arts, Deep Ellum. Go north to Galleria, Plano and Frisco. Go west on Northwest Highway to DFW, go east to Lake Highlands, south to Lakewood.

9026_McCraw_Drive_noe_de_leon_identity_real_estate_licing1-682x434 (more…)