Over Labor Day weekend, teens all over town (who were in town) were likely sleeping in, texting each other, or playing games on their ipads. Not the enterprising, gold-hearted teens of MY neighborhood in North Dallas (Preston/Royal north of Preston Hollow).

Janey Daniels is an 8th grader at Levine Academy. She wanted so badly to do something to help those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Her family moved to Dallas four years ago from Houston, so they have lots of friends and family in Houston directly affected by the storm.

In fact, Janey’s old school in Houston flooded.  So she asked her friends and neighbors to help her do something to raise money for the school. Many of these cute girls are also members of Girl Scout Troop 5566. They got up early, baked like crazy — hand-frosted sugar, chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies — they baked cakes, cupcakes and brownies. They mixed up both pink and yellow lemonade. Then they constructed a large sales table right near the Northaven Trail, just east of Preston Road, after shouting out the news on the neighborhood ap NextDoor. Two girls even bravely flagged down cars on Northaven. Parents and friends came out to help.

 “We raised almost $600 today all of which we will donate to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund,” says Janey’s mother, Taryn Daniel.

Enterprising young ladies! When you seek out neighborhoods, seriously, check the pulse of the teen and tween population. Lemonade stands and giving hearts mean this is a neighborhood of kids with big hearts, like our’s, because of great kids like Janey and her friends! (PS: Stay tuned for THREE great listings in our hood!)

With all the real estate bombarding us every day in North Texas, we stay pretty busy over here at CandysDirt.com. That’s why I always tell people, never, ever be afraid to bug us. Ring our chime till we answer the door. (Sometimes the line gets long!)

So I have not checked up on Forestwood Gate, the fight over a re-development of the intersection of Inwood and Forest, where we told you about the battle to bring a mixed use concept to an aging family-owned rental property. The property owners, the Daniels family, who have owned the land since 1849, want to yank down the 208 old townhomes and replace them with (up to) 350 rental units, a mix of town homes and apartments. This would include townhomes with garages and small yards, and a large multi-family unit with elevators that would have a boutique-hotel feel to it. Oh, and also a pool. All very nice.

 “This will be a long-term lease with the developers,” says William Dahlstrom of Jackson Walker LLP, a land-use expert and attorney who is representing the owners. “The same owners will continue to own the 30 acres of land. It’s the same family that has owned this land since 1849!”
Back then, it was likely a farm or ranch, as was most of the surrounding area. In 1972, the land was zoned for town-home type residences, which is exactly what it’s been for the last 40 0dd years.

Except now the surrounding neighbors are having a cow, the likes of which hasn’t grazed that land in 200 years.

You would think the corner of Forest Lane and Inwood Road in North Dallas is a natural place to build a combination of retail and multi-family housing — the kind of mixed-use development going up all over the Dallas/Fort Worth area. (more…)

Voters across the Dallas area will go to the polls on May 9 to elect mayor, city council members, and school district trustees. If you want your name to appear on a ballot, you should know that the filing period for candidates begins today. (Photo by iStock)

Voters across the Dallas area will go to the polls on May 9 to elect mayors, city council members, and school district trustees. If you want your name to appear on a ballot, you should know that the filing period for candidates begins today. (Photo by iStock)

One way to ensure that your property values stay high is to get involved in your community. For example, you could represent your neighborhood on the city council or school board.

Of course, you’d have to convince your neighbors that you’re worthy of their votes. But that comes later. First, you need to get on the ballot. And today is the first day to file a candidacy for the municipal elections that will be held across the Dallas area on May 9.

Here’s a look at which seats are likely to be contested in the neighborhoods where our readers live and work:



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I say it’s about time: the northwest corner of Inwood and Forest, known as “Forest Wood”, is going to get a much-needed facelift. Wait, strike that: try a major gutting from the ground up. Yep, those 1974 rental townhomes are about to go far away, replaced by sturdier, prettier, higher quality homes that will create a walkable living environment and a brand new North Dallas community.
Forestwood Townhomes brings back memories, not all of them pleasant. This was where single dads and moms would go to live after a separation or suddenly being single because it was still close to the private schools their children attended, but more reasonable than a single family home. It was known as a safe, secure place to hunker down in North Dallas if you couldn’t swing a mortgage.
For years now, I wondered why the neat, but clearly aging, townhomes would not be replaced with something more upscale, attractive, especially considering the surrounding neighborhood demographic$$$: sprawling ranches on leafy half-acre lots that start at about half a million dollars, while the newer built McMansion are pulling in more than $1.5.

So why are we stuck with boring beige townhomes that had their prime in the seventies, like Cher? (more…)