Dallas Morning News

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On the heels of a dismal fourth quarter in 2018, one institutional investor in Dallas Morning News parent company A.H. Belo has signaled its discontent with the decisions the company has made with a letter filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday.

Minerva Advisors, an investment management firm based in the Philadelphia suburb of Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, filed the letter with the SEC, saying that the company should go private, and “has no business remaining publicly traded.” (more…)

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From staff reports

Word came early this morning that the Dallas Morning News laid off 43 employees, including 20 writers, editors, and other newsroom personnel, marking yet another round of staff reductions as print revenue declines.

The 43 layoffs account for about 4 percent of the A.H. Belo Corp. employees, the newspaper said. It did not say what percentage of Dallas Morning News employees that equated to, nor did it disclose how much of the newsroom that accounted for. (more…)

Bad Gas on Euclid

So let me tell you how this went down: Maggie Kerkman calls me from KXAS and asks if I know any Realtors who have experienced bad gas. Well, I say, I’m sure the new TRID rules are giving everyone bad gas.

No no no she meant REAL gas, as in gasoline.

Oh, I said. Well I could blog this question and ask. I don’t know of any. I mean, I know it’s not great for your car because it happened to us a while ago but we bought the gas in Johnson City, down near our ranch.

Then I guess Maggie couldn’t find anyone else with BAD GAS but me, so she asked to interview me, and I said sure, but we have to go see a house that will knock your socks off… because it’s my next “O” house.

That’s how we ended up at this stunning location and yes, the post is coming… so stay tuned…

Actually, I didn’t know you could file a complaint if you got bad gas. Can’t just pop a Tums in your tank, no. The Texas Department of Agriculture even publishes the list of stations considered out of compliance. This is great: it’s just like finding hotels with bedbugs:

Evans said she wish she would have known that she could file a complaint. In her case, the problem went away on its own.

That it did, like most gas problems… but if it ever happens again… I will know what to do! Thanks Maggie!