Best of Luxury Leases: A Vendome Penthouse!

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Vendome penthouse

As we end our vacations I could not help but offer up one more gorgeous luxury lease that certainly deserves to be on our Best Of list. Life in a Vendome penthouse is something I think we all wish we could experience. Even if it’s just for a short time. This one is the epitome of what you want to experience in Dallas high-rise life!

We’ve been keeping tabs on this Vendome penthouse for a long time because the 180-degree views are magnificent, and the location is perfect. It’s also hard to beat living in the heart of Turtle Creek, so why is this gorgeous penthouse still available for sale or lease? 

Sitting in a shell state for years certainly didn’t help.

Vendome penthouse

The same gentleman owned it for over a decade. He purchased three penthouses from the developer to create one colossal home—the original configuration of 12,370-square-feet encompassed units D, E, and F. The bottom line is he simply never got around to completing the dream home in the sky. If you want all the salacious details, Jon Anderson gave us the original low down in 2015 (including the property taxes for all those years!)

Vendome penthouse

Eventually, an investor bought the property and returned it to the original concept, carving that space back into three units. In April, Jon caught us up once again. By then, the architectural firm Ten Plus Three and Hudson Construction Group were well on the way to turning these into the completed luxury properties we all expect to see at the Vendome. But you can imagine this was not an easy process.

Vendome penthouse

Elliott Perry, one of the founders of Hudson, chatted with me yesterday about the challenges of working in residential high-rise environments. “We have a lot of expertise in these buildings,” he said.  “The most challenging aspect of this was getting all the steel infrastructure up to the 20th floor. For instance, we rented a crane over Texas-OU weekend to put up the staircase.”

Hudson worked on all three properties simultaneously, starting at the end of 2017. I’m sure you can imagine reworking all of the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing from one property back to three took some time. But now we have three beauties, actually, two, as Unit D sold about a year ago.  

So a happy ending to a very long story is unfolding. Vendome penthouse E was completed in September and is the largest of the three units, at 6,088-square-feet, with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and one powder bath.

Vendome penthouse

Jon put it beautifully in his April post:

You enter through the bottom mid-left, just right of the circular staircase. You’re swept along three living and dining areas – there’s even a wet bar in the upper corner space. The dining room is long and luxurious for hosting large dinners. All three areas have their own terrace access.

The kitchen, which is “below” the dining room, is open to the views. The right third is pretty much a master retreat. Given the size and its own separate living room, it’s moved beyond a plain ol’ suite. As you can see, this unit is really the end cap of the Vendome with views out three sides. It also explains the 1,055-square-foot terrace space.

Vendome penthouse

Of course, even a completed space of this size can be hard to understand, so the brilliant team at George Bass Stage & Design put the finishing touches on this Vendome penthouse, making it truly move-in ready. “The Vendome offers a lock-and-go luxury lifestyle, and this penthouse is an entertainer’s dream,” Bass said.

Vendome penthouse

And who wouldn’t want to entertain with those views? Perry told me you can watch the planes flying in and out of Love Field, but of course, you can’t hear them!

“The Vendome has the look of a landmark property,” Ebby Halliday listing agent Danna Morguloff-Hayden with the Morguloff Team said. “The staff is fabulous, and this particular property has views to the South, West, and North from the upper terrace.” 

If all this isn’t enough to make you immediately wire $4.99 million to purchase this gorgeous Vendome penthouse 20 E, at 3505 Turtle Creek, you can try it on for size and lease it at $30,000 a month.

Talk about a win-win! 

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