DeCarla Anderson Comes Home to Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate

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DeCarla Anderson has returned to Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate after a 15-month detour to Compass Real Estate. She says that sometimes you don’t know what you have until you’ve left it.

“It just seemed like an opportune time to come home, and home is where the heart is,” she said. “We are just beyond excited to be back home.”

Anderson admits that she has a real estate addiction, and there is no 12-step program to combat it. She’s been selling homes since she was 25, nearly half of her life. While she worked in the corporate world for many of those years, she was also flipping houses on the side, often living in them while the remodeling was done. When her daughter graduated from college she decided it was time to forge a new career that she really enjoyed. 

She worked as a part-time agent for three years before deciding it was time to dive all the way into the real estate world.  She hasn’t looked back since.  She managed to have some very high profile listings, including the historic R.L. Thornton castle on Gaston.

Anderson didn’t come to Dave Perry-Miller alone.  She brought her small team along, whic includes her “partner and other-half” John Barrett.  He teamed up with her three years ago.  This year right before the pandemic hit, Lisa Moya King joined the team as well.

“She is an up and coming agent and I think she’s going to be somebody to really watch,” Anderson said. “She’s just really great at what she does and has such a servant’s heart.”

A fourth agent is currently finishing the training and process and will likely joint the group next year.

Oak Cliff is where Anderson initially made her mark.  It’s the area where she grew up and still lives and loves today. However, in the coming year, she plans to expand well beyond her home base. Her group recently expanded into farm and ranch properties, including a new listing in Wood County.  She also plans to sell some properties in Austin.  A new logo and branding campaign will be unveiled early next year.

Suffice to say, it’s definitely shaping to be an exciting year for Anderson.  Still, she remains grateful for returning to the place where her career first began to really take off.

“It was just such a blessing to see so many familiar faces and for everyone to welcome us back,” she said.

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