Austin Uebele to Lead Rogers Healy Recruiting

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Rogers Healy and Associates has hired former Compass Real Estate strategic growth manager Austin Uebele to lead its recruiting efforts. Uebele said he was not looking to make a change but agreed to take a meeting with Healy. 

Three hours later, in what he describes as one of the longest meetings he’s ever had, the two were laughing, getting to know each other better, and strategizing on what this new role would look like.

“I was so pleasantly surprised by my interactions with Rogers and the select agents that I’ve met so far,” he says.

As the director of talent and growth, Uebele will work to bring in agents to help the team.  Unlike his role at Compass, which focused more on bringing experienced agents onboard, he will spend a lot of time working to recruit new agents and people working in other industries who may have the right skills.

“It’s really about connecting people and then building a family at one of the biggest independent brokerages in the state,” he said.

Uebele himself was actually recruited from another industry. After graduating from TCU, he embarked on a career in tech sales in the Dallas area and Portland, Oregon. When a recruiter called him about coming to Compass, he was initially skeptical both about real estate and recruiting.

After some convincing he took the job, which he considers one of the most fun ones he has ever had.  Now he’s ready to have a similar experience at Rogers Healy.

He says that right now is a great time to get into real estate.  As he gets started in this new role, he says the long-term goal is to find people who share traits like kindness, compassion, and drive. And while Uebele doesn’t officiality start until today, Oct. 26, he’d already been hard a working meeting with new co-workers, strategizing on Zoom calls, and preparing for that first day well before then. 

“It’s going to be so much fun,” he said. “I’m really amped up.”

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