Hollywood Heights’ Joe Kacynski Joins Allie Beth Allman

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Last week Joe Kacynski joined Allie Beth Allman & Associates after more than nine years with a boutique brand.

“I really didn’t want to leave where I was but they (Allie Beth Allman) just offer so much that will help me grow my business,” he said. “They also have great name recognition in the area that many of my clients are moving to.”

Kacynski’s specialty has been historic homes in East Dallas, particularly the Hollywood Heights neighborhood he’s called home for the better part of two decades.  A Los Angeles native whose job and family brought him to Texas, he initially didn’t know what to make of Dallas. Then he discovered a Spanish-style house that reminded him of home, in a neighborhood with its own distinct vibe.

“My agent never even mentioned Hollywood Heights or Lakewood. It was a very niche market back then,” he recalls. “I found East Dallas just driving around one day by myself.”

Times have certainly changed since then. East Dallas now boasts some of the region’s most sought-after real estate. These days, Kacynski stays busy in neighborhoods like nearby Casa View, where investors are betting that today’s $200,000 home will be valued much higher down the road.

According to Kacynski, one of the most enjoyable aspects of his job has been helping clients find their first home and then watching them grow over the years. Many of them are now moving on to the next stage of their lives and seeking out condominiums and townhomes on the other side of Central Expressway.

“It’s interesting to see the life changes and how that impacts what people are looking for,” he said.

Kacynski works with many first-time homebuyers. His business has also been buoyed by people moving from the coasts just like he did two decades ago. Interestingly enough, he can also thank boot camp for some of his business. Five years ago, Kacynski began working out with Camp Gladiator.  Through the group, he has met numerous clients, countless friends, and even a spouse.

“It’s been a whole life-changing experience for me,” he said. “It’s a good grounding and a good stress-reliever.”

While his business may be expanding to other parts of the city, don’t expect Kacynski to stray too far from East Dallas. The neighborhood may be evolving, but his ties there remain strong.

“I don’t think I can ever leave Hollywood Heights,” he said. “It’s like family to me now.”

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